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3 Ways Your Child Benefits from a Healthy Smile

Some parents feel that a child shouldn’t need to visit the dentist until they have some of their adult teeth in. Another common belief is that cavities in kids’ teeth don’t need to be filled because the teeth will fall out, anyway. It may seem like most kids don’t really care about the health of their smile.

Taking care of your child’s teeth is extremely important. Consider how your son or daughter could really benefit from regular dental care and diligent oral hygiene.

Spare Your Child Unnecessary Pain

A single baby tooth may not seem worthy of attention. But if even a single tooth is suffering from a cavity, your child could end up in a lot of pain. This discomfort is completely avoidable with early detection and treatment of dental issues.

Avoid Major Expenses Down the Road

By pursuing preventive treatment for your son or daughter, you can lay a foundation for their future that could save them on such costs. Fluoride, dental sealants, and conservative treatment in childhood can avert the need for costly crowns and other procedures later in life.

Would you rather pay a small amount for fluoride treatments now, or spend your child’s college fund on dental crowns 15 years in the future?

Protect Their Dignity and Self-Confidence

Even other children notice when one kid’s teeth look yucky or their breath smells bad. Poor oral hygiene could lead to your child feeling ashamed of his or her appearance. Help your son or daughter to take pride in keeping their smile sparkling clean! Visit your dentist as soon as possible to learn more about how to give your child their healthiest smile ever.

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