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4 Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy Their Dental Check-Up

It is time for you to take your child to the dentist.  How can you help your child to not be afraid of going to the dentist and actually enjoy going?

Consider these 4 tips to help your child have an enjoyable dental check-up:

  1. Start at a Young Age – The younger you start bringing your child to the dentist, the better.  You will want to bring them in before they have a dental problem so they can have a “fun dental cleaning” and a “fun dental exam” and not have to have their first visit be a scary one where they need a lot of dental work, if possible.  Your child should start going to the dentist around their first birthday.
  2. Be Positive – Try to get your child to be excited about taking care of their teeth.  Talk about how great it feels to have your teeth cleaned!  Tell them how neat it is to “take a ride up and down in the dental chair!”
  3. Give Little Details – Try not to tell your child too much about their upcoming dental visit.  Let them wait and see so they can form their own opinion without your influence.
  4. Avoid Scary Words – Avoid using words like “hurt” or “shot” or “pain” as those kinds of words will scare your child!  Even if you say, “this won’t hurt,” you are still putting the idea in their head that some things hurt at the dentist!

Call your child’s dentist to schedule their dental cleaning and exam.  Try these tips and hopefully your child will enjoy their trip to the dentist!

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