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6 Oral Habits That Can Wreck Your Child’s Smile

All the tooth brushing in the world won’t save your child’s teeth if he or she has one or more of the following bad habits…

Thumb Sucking

It’s a normal way for infants to self-calm, but thumb sucking long into early childhood could lead to tooth alignment issues. The constant pressure of a thumb or finger on your child’s palate can push on adult teeth and cause an open bite.

Going to Bed with a Bottle of Milk or Juice

Some toddlers can’t sleep without their bottle nearby. That’s fine as long as it only contains water. Milk and juice have natural sugars that promote plaque and cavity formation. If a child can sip slowly on those fluids throughout the night, their tooth enamel will wear down.

Teeth Grinding

Episodes of tooth grinding are very common in young children. Pay close attention to see how often your child grinds his or her teeth. If it’s not a phase they’re growing out of, the wear from grinding can cause tooth fractures and TMJ problems.

Chewing Hard Items

Things that go “crunch” are often popular with kids. Ice cubes and hard candies top the list. But try to discourage your children from munching on hard objects since it can weaken teeth and even cause them to chip.

Nail Biting

Not only is nail biting a dangerously germy habit, but it can cause front tooth fractures.

Running with Something in the Mouth

The injuries that could happen in this scenario are painful and slow to heal. Never let your children rough house with a pen, toothpick, straw etc. in their mouths.

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