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Does Your Child Have an Abscessed Tooth?

Has your child ever complained of a toothache? If you’ve looked and noticed what appears to be a small pimple or swollen area on their gumlines, it could be that they have an abscessed tooth.

Abscessed teeth are caused by cavities that extend into the nerve inside of the tooth. Bacteria create infection, which then causes swelling. As a result, the swelling extends out the tip of the root and into the surrounding gum tissues. This can leave what looks like a pimple along the gumlines. It may come and go as it drains, but the bacteria are always there. Taking antibiotics can clear up an initial infection, but the problem needs to be addressed at the root of the cause – otherwise the abscess will come right back.

To prevent recurrent pain and toothaches, your child’s dentist will need to remove the nerve tissue and medicate the chamber inside of the infected tooth. After it is thoroughly cleaned and treated, a filling material may be placed into the top of the tooth. This differs from typical adult “root canals,” as baby teeth will continue to resorb until they fall out. However, the treatment allows the tooth to stay in place until the permanent tooth is ready to erupt from underneath it.

If your child is experiencing symptoms of pain, facial swelling, or soreness inside of their mouth – see a dentist right away. In rare circumstances, abscessed teeth can create severe complications that may even result in the need for hospitalization.

Schedule regular visits for your child every 6 months to catch tooth decay before it has a chance to evolve into an abscess!

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