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Helping Your Child Enjoy Their Dental Visits

All of us want our child to have a positive experience when it comes to keeping their smile healthy. Early pediatric dental care is one of the best ways to get your child off on the right foot when it comes to oral health and enjoying trips to the dentist. Both medical and dental professionals recommend your child begin seeing the dentist by their first birthday. These early appointments help your child become accustomed to the dental office in a positive environment that is focused on prevention, rather than treatment.

If your child does require dental treatment, it helps to prepare them before their appointment. Use positive language like “Dr. Smith is going to fix your tooth!” or “They will blow bubbles in your mouth to make it feel funny and then put a band-aid on your tooth.” Don’t use words like hurt, shot, needle, or anything similar, even if you’re saying, “it’s not going to hurt.” Although many parents don’t realize it, saying things like this can make their child think that the appointment could hurt, and be more anxious when it comes to sitting through the procedure.

For first appointments or lengthy treatment, schedule your child’s visit first thing in the morning when they are well rested and have had a light breakfast. Eating too much could be problematic if they are anxious or have an unknown gag reflex. Let your child know that he or she will get to do something special as soon as their appointment is over, such as getting lunch from their favorite place or playing a game that they enjoy. When they have something to look forward to, it makes their dental visit something that they want to cooperate for so that they can enjoy time with you afterward!

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