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Is Your Kids’ Diet Rich in “Smile Vitamins?”

Yes, fluoride is very important, but there are other vital nutrients your child needs to keep their smile strong.

Take a minute to consider how a balanced and nutritious diet contributes to healthy tooth and bone development. This is especially important for growing kids and their smiles!

Fiber – specifically that found in whole grains and fresh fruits and veggies. Fiber is not only important for digestive health, but snacks such as fresh apples and celery actually help keep teeth free from cavity-causing dental plaque.

Vitamin C – found in foods like strawberries, oranges, and sweet potatoes, vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system and limits gum inflammation, or gingivitis.

Iron and Vitamin B – a deficiency of iron or certain B vitamins can result in uncomfortable sores in a child’s mouth. Lots of foods are fortified with iron and B vitamins.

Calcium and Vitamin D – look for these primarily in dairy sources. Calcium and vitamin D are essential to bone strength and tooth development. And bonus! Cheese has been proven to help fight cavity-causing bacteria.

Supplement the Diet

Along with a healthful diet, your child’s oral health will benefit from:

  • Plenty of fluoride
  • Great oral hygiene
  • Drinking lots of water (promotes normal cellular function and encourages saliva flow)
  • Frequent exercise

Consult your child’s doctor for specific recommendations on a healthy diet.

Schedule regular checkups at your local dental office to make sure your son or daughter’s smile stays brilliant and healthy. Dental visits help you ensure a healthy smile for your kids using technology like digital x-rays and protective dental sealants.

Call your dentist today to plan your next visit!

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