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Is It Normal for My Child to Lose a Tooth This Early?

It’s an exciting event for your child to lose their first tooth. Most kids are thrilled to reach this milestone. Yet, others are terrified to lose their teeth!

You may also be rather anxious if you feel that your child has lost their first tooth a little early. What’s the normal age for teeth to start falling out?

When Kids Lose Their First Tooth

A tooth loosens up when the adult tooth underneath it is ready to take its place.

Children typically lose their first tooth by the time they are five or six years old. Some don’t start losing teeth until they’re seven or eight.

As a rule of thumb, girls tend to start losing teeth sooner than boys do.

What If Your Child Is Younger?

A few kids start losing teeth as early as four years old, which may concern some parents.

More important than your child’s age when he or she starts losing teeth is which tooth falls out.

It’s normal for the lower front teeth to become loose first. If your child’s missing tooth is one of these teeth, then that’s likely normal for your child – he or she is just starting the process early.

However, if a canine or back tooth falls out, that’s not normal. The adult replacements for those teeth aren’t due to come in for several more years. If the baby tooth comes out too soon, that signifies a problem and can cause trouble with tooth alignment later on.

Children can prematurely lose baby teeth due to trauma or decay. Take your child to see the dentist if they lose a tooth ahead of schedule. Your dentist will reassure you if it’s a part of healthy development.

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