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Pediatric Dentistry

For the last few years, parents have had to take their children to specialized pediatric dentists in order to have their children’s teeth properly cleaned. Thanks in part to advanced technology, and thanks in part to updated and improved dental offices, family dentists are now able to provide quality pediatric dental care to children in the same offices that their parents visit.

It has been quite a hassle for parents to schedule and keep appointments at different dental practices for all of their family members. For those with large families, it often seems as if they are at a dentist every month. Luckily today, family dental care practices offer pediatric dentistry. Often the most important factor when choosing a family dentist that young children will also visit is the comfort level that parents feel. If a parent feels uneasy or simply impartial to a particular dentist it is often necessary to look for a new dentist. Children are often much more sensitive to how adults make them feel. It is important to find a gentle dentist who goes out of his or her way to make you feel comfortable. If you feel well taken care of and comfortable, then it is likely that your child will also feel that way.

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. By starting with pediatric dentistry, family dental practices are able to treat all of your dental care needs of your family members at all ages. Children who develop a good relationship with a dentist at a young age typically have better oral health than those who are scared of the dentist. Regular dental check ups and cleanings are important for children, and specialized care for the developing mouths of children are necessary to ensure optimal oral health.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Michael Mansouri, Marietta Family Dental Care, P.C.



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