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Should My Child See a Pediatric Dentist?

You’re probably wondering whether it’s necessary to take your kids to a separate dental practice than the one you go to. Going to a pediatric dentist might even mean that you have to make the effort to travel farther out of your way for treatment.

Can you justify visiting a pediatric dentist?

What you need to consider is your child’s unique needs and what a pediatric dentist can offer to meet those needs.

What Makes Pediatric Dentists Different?

Pediatric dentists receive an additional two or more years of schooling after receiving their dental degree. They get extra training in areas like child psychology. This prepares them for interacting with and treating young patients.

A pediatric dental practice is equipped tools and technology designed to make treatment as comfortable as possible. Toys, games, movies, and other appealing distractions can make even routine cleanings a whole lot more interesting. Fun office themes like ocean life or safari will fascinate kids, keeping their minds off the reason for their visit!

What Your Child Needs

Most kids do just fine when they see the same dentist that mom or dad does. It’s certainly more convenient to keep the whole family in one practice.

When might you need to consider a specialist in pediatrics?

Most general dental practices are not equipped to treat very small children. Pediatric offices know how to help kids relax and specialize in child-safe anesthetic and sedative techniques.

If your child has special needs, then he or she will be well cared-for in a pediatric practice where the staff has extensive training and experience in meeting those needs.

Ask your dentist for a professional opinion on which dental provider can best care for your child’s needs.

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