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Smart After School Snacks

When it comes to after-school snacking, it certainly seems easiest to stock the refrigerator with prepackaged and processed goodies. You may want to think about having some healthier options on hand, and not just because they are healthier for your kids’ bodies – certain healthy (and tasty!) foods are great for your children’s dental health, too!

Whole Grains, Whole Lot of Healthy

Try to replace packaged sweets and white bread and pasta with whole grain options. The processed stuff uses a lot of unnatural sugar, which creates an acidic environment in your kids’ mouths. This acid promotes the growth of cavity-causing bacteria that feed on sugars such as those found in processed products.

Whole grains contain more fiber, which helps to cleanse the teeth and provide true brain-fuel. Try offering your kids whole grain bread and crackers, granola, and even popcorn as healthier carbohydrate options.

Steer Clear of Sugary Drinks!

Sports drinks, soda, and juices all contain harmful acids and sugars, so try to replace those as much as possible with sugar-free options and even just good plain water!

Provide Healthy Options

If your children are used to having certain snacks on hand, they may not be able to imagine anything else tasting good. Try to include them in the brainstorming process and have them help out in assembling mini yogurt parfaits, ants-on-a-log, seasoning popcorn, or making apple-slice-and-cheddar-cheese sandwiches. Encourage your kids to reach for the healthy options, but make those accessible to them. Keep fresh sweet pepper, cucumber, celery, and carrot slices at the ready for quick and easy munching.

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