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Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Filling

Dental treatment on your own teeth makes you nervous. How are you as a parent going to reassure your little one before their first dental procedure?

Avoid “Trigger” Words

Your child may be scared already. But saying things like “don’t be afraid” or “there’s no need to be scared” or even “it won’t hurt” can cause him or her to focus on those negative words and get even more nervous.

Instead, use positive expressions like “you’ll be fine” and “your tooth is going to be all happy!”

The same can be said of “needles,” “shots,” and “injections.” If your child has a negative impression of injections of any kind, then simply explain that their tooth will be getting some “sleepy juice” or “bubbles.”

Follow the Dentist’s Instructions EXACTLY

Depending on the nature of your child’s treatment, some dental sedation may be involved. Your dentist may give you some directions about what your child can eat before the appointment. Follow these exactly. If your child becomes ill, this can result in complications and a serious medical emergency.

Explain What Will Happen in Age-Appropriate Terms

Very young children usually have dental sedation to help them stay calm during treatment.

But older children are often alert and usually want to know exactly what they can expect. You can alleviate some of their concerns by being honest but keeping your tone positive. For example, explain that they will feel some pressure on their teeth but that it’s not uncomfortable. Let them know that they can calmly raise their hand any time they want a break.

With positivity, preparation, and help from your dentist, you can successfully prepare your children for their first dental filling!

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