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Tips to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist

If your child dislikes going to the dentist or hasn’t been in years, you may feel a little nervous about making sure their trip isn’t scary.

Find a Child-Friendly Dentist

Your child needs a dental office that is fun to visit. That means age appropriate waiting areas, entertainment, and a staff that is comfortable working with little mouths. You would be amazed at some of the amenities that pediatric and family dentists now offer to their young patients! 

Let the Dental Team do the Talking

If you aren’t sure how to explain something to your child, let your dentist. Your child’s dental team knows what it means to have nervous patients. They will use age-specific descriptions and terms that aren’t scary and make it easier for your child to feel comfortable. Don’t ever use words like hurt, shot, drill, or needle. Doing that will just put those ideas into your little one’s mind!

Schedule Visits First Thing in the Morning

Early dental appointments mean your little one is well-rested, won’t be cranky for a nap, and will have just had a small breakfast. This is usually the happiest time of the day! It’s also one of the best times for young or more sensitive patients to have their dental appointments. You also won’t have to spend all day worrying how it will go.

Ask for Nitrous!

Laughing gas makes it very easy and safe for even young children to relax at the dentist. Plus your child will remain fully conscious. The gas takes just a few minutes to work and your little one will even be able to return to school or normal activities afterward.

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