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When Will My Child Lose Their First Tooth?

Are you wondering when the tooth fairy will need to make her first visit for your child?  Generally speaking, the age range for most children to lose their teeth is between the ages of 5 to 7 years old.  In some cases it is considered normal for children to start getting loose teeth as early as 4 years of age.

What should you expect when your child does get a loose tooth?

Baby teeth get loose when the adult tooth underneath the gums is pushing upward.  This will cause the baby teeth above the adult teeth to loosen and then fall out.  In most cases, the bottom two front teeth are the first baby teeth to fall out – typically around the age of 6.

Children will often get protective of their loose teeth, so you may get to help them pull their first tooth. Or it will usually become loose enough to fall out on its own. You will know it is ready to pull when it is extremely loose.

When should you be concerned if your child hasn’t lost their first tooth yet?

If your child hasn’t lost any teeth by the age of 7 years old, you should take your child to their dentist. Your child’s dentist use x-rays to see how their permanent teeth look under their gums.

Are you concerned about your child because they haven’t lost their first tooth yet? Just ask your dentist! Your child’s permanent teeth may come in at different times than others. What is normal for one child may be different for the next. Routine check-ups can help you be sure that their eruption patterns are progressing properly.

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