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Why Early Dental Care is So Important for Children

It may not seem important to have your child go to the dentist at such an early age, but the truth is that it is one of the smartest things a parent can do. There are many huge benefits to having early preventive dental care for children as young as age 1. 

Preventive Visits Create a Positive Impression

When your child only needs a simple, non-invasive appointment, going to the dentist can seem like fun. This helps them feel relaxed with the staff, being in a dental setting, and gain important knowledge on how to keep their own smile healthy. If a child is only taken to the dentist when they are in pain, then the child is going to think that dental care is always something negative that they want nothing to do with. 

Their Teeth Decay Quicker

Suspicious areas on your child’s teeth can easily be addressed with improved oral hygiene, fluoride treatments or even dental sealants. Unfortunately if they are left alone, a cavity can grow very rapidly. From one dental check-up to the next, a tooth that needs a small filling could turn into one that needs pulp therapy and a crown. Baby teeth are less dense than permanent teeth, and when impacted by tooth decay they often decompose at an extremely rapid rate. 

When They Do Need Treatment, It Can Be Kept Minimal

Catching problems like cavities early is important. It makes your child’s dental treatment simpler, more affordable, and much more comfortable to complete. We recommend that children have a dental check-up at least every 6 months to monitor their oral health.

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