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Is Gingival Contouring Right for Me?

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Do you struggle with a smile that looks uneven? Maybe you’ve taken very good care of your teeth, visiting your dentist regularly, flossing every day and eating foods that don’t increase your risk for tooth decay. Even though your smile is healthy, your teeth may still pose an aesthetic concern. But, is it really your teeth? It could be that your gums have a lot more to do with it!

Uneven Gum Tissues

Sometime our teeth look lopsided, short or irregularly sized due to the margins of the gumlines. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, it just means that one side doesn’t match the other. Adjusting the contours to look more uniform can also change the appearance of tooth size and shape.

Gummy Smiles

When you smile, do you see more gum tissues than you see teeth? Are your teeth extremely short compared to your gums? If too much gum tissues are covering your natural crowns, your smile will look “gummy.” That is, more gums show than anything else. By removing some of this excessive gum tissue, your natural tooth can be exposed the way it should be. 

Gum Disease

If you have deep pockets under your gum tissues, it could lead to frequent periodontal infections that result in red or bleeding gum tissues. To improve the health of these gums, your dentist may want to slightly adjust the gum margins so that the pockets are shallower and easier to care for.

Gingival contouring can be completed using different methods, some quicker and more comfortable than others. Changing your gumlines has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your smile without any type of dental work!

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