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Why Periodontal Therapy is Worth the Investment

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“You need to have a deep cleaning.”

“You have gum disease.”

“There are deep pockets and bone loss around your teeth.” 

Have you heard statements like these before? If you have, chances are you may have taken a hiatus from the dentist office for a while, have had ongoing gum problems, or are even thinking about getting a second opinion. If any of these describe you, there are some important things to know about gum disease and the best way to move forward. 

Gum disease causes more people to lose their teeth than any other dental condition (including cavities.) Why? Because it causes the bone around the teeth to be lost. Bone that otherwise serves as a foundation for your teeth, anchoring them into place. If you lose this bone, it’s impossible to get it back. In most cases people wait until symptoms of moderate to severe gum disease are evident before they decide to get treatment. 

Investing in periodontal therapy at an earlier stage can help treatment progress more effectively, shorten recovery time, and save your teeth. Identifying areas of bone loss in the mildest stages is much easier to treat and maintain than areas where significant bone loss has taken place. 

If you’ve ever wanted to save your teeth, then perio therapy is something that people with gum disease can’t afford to give up. Otherwise you’ll never have teeth to care for! 

Ask to see your periodontal chart during your next dental check-up. Pocket areas that are 1-3mm deep are considered healthy, with deeper areas being unhealthy as they indicate bone loss. The sooner you get help, the more effective it will be!

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