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Bite Analysis & Correction

A bite that is not properly aligned can cause several types of issues for people. A “malocclusion” exists when the teeth and jaw joints do not properly fit together. When a person’s bite is off, an uneven distribution of force is put on the teeth and jaw while chewing. A malocclusion is often considered one of the major factors in patients who grind and clench their teeth. A malocclusion is also a likely component in those who suffer from chronic headaches because of the uneven force on the teeth and jaw. A bite analysis and correction done by a dental professional can help to promote optimal oral and physical health.

A bite analysis is a simple procedure that is done in a dental office. Patients are asked to bite down on the mouth piece of a handheld scanning device. The device measures the pressure and force of a person’s bite from all angles. It can tell dentists which teeth undergo more pressure, which lower teeth and upper teeth do not touch each other, and if there is a misalignment of the teeth or jaw. The procedure is painless, simple, and quick – yet it can provide you and your dentist with valuable information regarding your oral health.

For some patients, orthodontic treatments are the best care for malocclusion. For others, a simple mouth guard can make an enormous difference. Your dentist can talk with you and your results from a bite analysis in order to determine which treatment plan will work best at relieving your negative symptoms of a misaligned bite.

Posted on behalf of Dr. James C. Kincaid


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