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Dental Sealants – Who Needs Them?

Dental sealants are commonly recommended for kids once their adult molars come in. You might wonder why they’re such a big deal – are there any benefit to getting them?

How Dental Sealants Work

You can compare the surface of a molar to a 3D map of a mountain range. Like a network of hills and valleys, teeth have this pattern so that they fit together in a way that lets you chew food efficiently.

Often times, the “valleys” on teeth are too deep for toothbrush bristles to clean. These are the areas where cavity-causing bacteria and acids can hide out.

A sealant is a thin resin seal that is painted onto the surface of molars. The material fills in the extra depth of the “valleys,” sealing out bacteria and creating a shallower surface that your toothbrush can keep clean.

Why Sealants Are Important for Kids

Kids aren’t always best about remembering to brush. It takes time for them to appreciate the need for good oral hygiene and make it a habit. To keep up with those times they slack off, sealants protect the newly-erupted adult teeth.

You only get one set of adult teeth. We want to guarantee those teeth survive childhood and last long into adulthood! Sealants can help.

And Adult Teeth?

Definitely not a good idea to seal in decay! A sealant is NOT a filling. If a tooth has decay or an existing filling, it probably won’t qualify for a sealant.

if you have a tooth (or teeth) with deep grooves and no signs of decay, it wouldn’t hurt to get sealants to keep it healthy in the future.

Ask your dentist about how dental sealants can benefit you and your family.

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