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How Sports Drinks Affect Kids’ Teeth

This summer, your children will hopefully be enjoying time outdoors. Running around in the heat for sports practice or just for fun works up a powerful thirst.

Because these drinks are meant to rehydrate the body, they might seem like a healthier option than soda. But is that true?

What’s in the Drink?

You might be surprised to learn that sports drinks commonly contain ingredients that are even more harmful than those found in soda. These include sugar and citric acid.

Citric acid will wear down the surface of your kids’ teeth. And the sugar provides fuel to acid-producing, cavity-causing bacteria. This combination is a recipe for cavities!

To Brush or Not to Brush…

Will it help if your kid brushes after having a sports drink?

NO! Brushing immediately afterwards will only spread the acid around to other teeth and wear down the enamel even more.

Rinsing with water is a good idea. But wait about a half hour or so before brushing. This gives your mouth a chance to balance out its acid levels and lets saliva naturally reinforce tooth enamel.

Reach for Water!

The safest bet for your family is plain water. Sports drinks are intended to be beneficial in occasional cases of extreme dehydration where vital electrolytes and minerals are lost. In most instances of physical exercise, pure water is all that’s needed to safely rehydrate.

Water is also perfectly safe for your kids’ teeth!

Make water readily available to your kids this summer as they make the most of long sunny days. Don’t forget to schedule a visit to your local dentist to make sure the kids’ smiles are healthy for the season!

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