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Three Signs That Mean You Need to See the Dentist

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Have you ever asked yourself or a friend: “Do you think I should see a dentist?” Chances are most of us have experienced a toothache, accident, or felt something that didn’t seem quite right and made us wonder if it was time to call our dental office. Here are 3 signs that you need to make the call:

Youre in Pain:

It sounds simple, but you might be surprised how many people think the pain will go away if they can just “make it through.” Toughing out the pain won’t make it any better – the discomfort you feel in your mouth is trying to tell you to get professional help, fast. Most dental pain is caused by severe infection that requires treatment in order to make it go away for good.

It Didnt Feel Like That Before:

Does something feel a little off? If one of the teeth seems “funny” or not the way it normally does, you may have had a filling fall out or a piece of tooth break off. Catching it earlier can make treatment easier and more affordable to complete.

Theres Bleeding or Swelling That Doesnt Go Away:

An abscess or infected gum tissue means that there’s a bacterial infection deep down under your tissues. Have your dentist clean the area and check for a cause. It can be anything from gingivitis to gum disease to a tooth that needs to have a root canal.

All in all, if you notice changes in your mouth that don’t go away within a few days, it’s best to see your dentist!

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