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Save Your Smile and the Planet at the Same Time

Staying both healthy and environmentally-conscious can be a tricky balance. Here are three eco-friendly ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful.

New Toothbrush Options

You should replace your toothbrush every three to four months. This ensures that you always have fresh bristles that work properly. It’s also good practice to toss the toothbrush to prevent bacterial growth.

But throwing out a standard toothbrush every three months adds up to a lot of waste. Switch to a toothbrush made from biodegradable materials, like bamboo. Alternatively, an electric toothbrush may save on plastic since you only have to throw out a small detachable head every few months instead of a whole brush.

Nix the Disposable Straws

Sipping sweet drinks through a straw can spare your teeth the harmful exposure to stain, sugar, and acids. Yet, plastic straws are gaining more attention for their negative impact on the environment. If you want to keep using straws to preserve your bright smile, consider getting a reusable one that you can carry with you and clean at home.

Get White Fillings Instead of Silver

Metal fillings are cheap and durable, but they do contain traces of mercury. This amount of mercury is so small that it wouldn’t affect you. But when the time comes to remove a silver restoration, the drilling process can release mercury vapor into the environment.

On the plus side, dental offices are equipped to reduce mercury vapors while removing metal fillings. Still, you can do your part by opting for resin-based white restorations.

Regular dental checkups will help you avoid needing to have dental work done in the first place. Call your dentist today to schedule a visit.

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