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3 Ways Oral Sedation Improves Your Dental Experience

Does the idea of going to the dentist fill you with dread and anxiety? If so, you’re far from alone. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for easing your dental concerns. In this article, we’ll discuss three ways oral sedation can make your next dental procedure as comfortable as possible.

No Needles!

Oral sedation is the administration of a drug in a pill or tablet form which is intended to either be swallowed or dissolved under the tongue. If the dentist determines that local anesthesia is needed at the treatment site, then you will not be bothered by the injection, because of having previously taken the oral sedative.

No Bad Memories!

Some varieties of oral sedatives have “amnesic” properties. This means that once the effects of the medication wear off, you will remember little to nothing of the procedure. Many patients who anticipate a dental procedure are comforted in knowing that they don’t need to anticipate any scary experiences.

The Best Care

If you are comfortable for a necessary dental procedure, then your dentist will feel comfortable, as well. This may sound strange, but it is because when you are sedated to a degree, the dentist knows that he or she is free to work without fear of upsetting you. This allows your dentist to get a procedure completed in less time than it may otherwise require, and the work is thorough.

If you feel that oral sedation may be a good choice for easing your dental worries, then ask your dentist about your options prior to your next appointment.

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