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4 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Still not convinced that sedation dentistry is right for you? Whatever your reasons are, that’s ok. Most people still wonder if sedation is appropriate for their individual needs, regardless of what they are.

If you haven’t given sedation dentistry a thought before, here are 4 reasons why you should:

Certified Sedation Providers

Only licensed sedation dentists are allowed to provide sedation services in their office. That means if your dentist offers IV or oral sedation – he or she has gone through extensive training and licensure to provide that service. You will be carefully monitored the entire time.

Ultimate Relaxation

What more can be said for relaxing during your trip to the dentist? Sedation can make it feel like you’re taking a nap and don’t have a care in the world. If you have even the slightest hint of anxiety or nervousness, sedation can put your mind at ease!

Complete More Treatment at Once

Let’s say you’re going through full mouth rehabilitation, a smile makeover, or a root canal and a few fillings. Longer procedures are often broken up into several shorter ones. Why? To keep you comfortable. Sitting through a long treatment isn’t just boring, it can also leave you feeling numb all over. But – if you choose sedation dentistry for your procedure, your dentist can complete just about everything all at once!

Safe for All Ages

Sedation is safe for both adults and children. All you need is a thorough health history review to screen for any risk factors that may contraindicate sedation.

Are you ready for the most relaxing dental appointment ever? Ask your dentist about sedation today!

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