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Choosing the Right Sedation Dentist

Sedation dentistry is not recommended in all cases nor for all dental procedures. Sedation is recommended on an individual-basis. If you feel that you experience dental anxiety to a point that prevents you from pursuing necessary dental treatment, then you may very well benefit from visiting a sedation dentist.

What should you know about sedation dentistry, and how can you find the right place?

It is helpful to know that there are different levels of awareness in sedation dentistry and that they vary in methods of administration. Some offices may provide general anesthesia, which renders you completely unconscious. Intravenous (IV) sedation allows you to be responsive during a procedure, but you will have no memory of it afterwards. The use of IV sedation and general anesthesia for dental procedures is commonly referred to as “sleep dentistry.” Lastly, oral or inhaled sedation are among the lighter forms which help you to feel relaxed during treatment.

In searching for the right sedation dentist, be mindful that you want a caring and patient practitioner. It is important that you feel you can trust the professional who will be delivering essential dental treatment while you have little to no awareness. Take your time and be thorough in your search.

One very helpful thing you can do is ask your regular dentist about anesthesia options available at the office you presently visit. Chances are there are more than one or two options for you to choose from. Ask your dentist which licenses that they carry, so you can be sure that you have only a qualified dentist performing your sedation procedure.

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