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Common Sedation Treatments

Sedation is always an option for your dental care, but there are some procedures where it is usually recommended. These procedures could be completed without sedation, but the added comfort that it brings not only helps you relax, it helps your dentist complete the procedure in a more time-effective manner. What are some of these treatments?

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Surgical extractions such as removing wisdom teeth can be done with local anesthesia, but sedation makes it a much more positive experience. Especially if the teeth require certain types of extraction techniques before they can be removed. Sometimes it’s best to just tune everything out!

Root Canals

Although root canals aren’t exactly uncomfortable procedures (you are numbed with local anesthesia, after all), they can be quite lengthy. Being sedated helps you feel like you’re napping right through the appointment so that the length doesn’t seem like such a burden. If keeping your mouth open is difficult for you, sedation will also increase your comfort. 

Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery involving the gum tissues can sometimes be quite sensitive. Gum grafting is one example. If the procedure is completed using a more invasive surgical approach, sedation will help your dentist maintain your comfort level throughout the appointment. 

If you don’t see your particular procedure listed, that’s ok. Sedation is still an option for you! These are just a few of the procedures offered by dentists where it may be recommended. A variety of sedation options may be available, from mild laughing gas to oral sedation or even IV sedation. To find out more about what options are available, call your dentist today.

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