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How to Conquer Dental Anxiety

Dental fear is serious business. Anxiety can cause a whole host of physical complaints such as depression, insomnia, headaches, digestive distress, and muscle tension.

When the anxiety is strong enough, it could keep you away from the dental office entirely. That means dental fear could prevent you from getting essential treatment.

Is your dental anxiety keeping you in dental pain? Here are a few tips for working through your fear and putting it behind you for good.

Find a dentist you trust.

Getting to know a dentist as an individual will help you to not view him or her as an enemy who wants to torture you. Take a little time to just chat with a local dentist and see how your personalities match up before scheduling an appointment.

Communicate your concerns.

Just vocalizing your worries can ease your anxiety so much. When the dental team knows what’s bothering you, they’ll do all they can to make you comfortable.

Schedule early, relaxed visits.

An unhurried appointment early in the morning when you have the most energy is often the best for nervous dental patients.

Distract yourself.

Bring music and earphones and even an eye mask to block out bright lights.

Try dental sedation.

Most dental offices can provide you with a medication that works as a sedative and reduces anxiety.

Explore alternative relaxation techniques.

Try some aromatherapy with essential oils, a massage, or a hot bath prior to treatment.

With a little forethought, you can make your next dental visit an enjoyable one despite your anxiety. Each positive experience is a step closer to conquering your fears, for good! Contact your local dental office for more advice.

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