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Dental Care for Patients with Autism

As if finding the best dentist for your child with Autism wasn’t hard enough, then there’s the task of planning the smoothest visit possible. Autism or Asberger syndrome dental care can be a challenge, but fortunately there are dental practices that specialize in providing high quality, humane dental care for special needs patients including patients with Asberger syndrome and autism spectrum disorders. Thankfully, dentists that have experience with treating patients with autism have the tools of the trade to create a positive experience for your family.

Let your dental office know how your child communicates best. They will make a note of this in his or her chart, as well as any pointers you have. Most offices have a “morning huddle” before they start the day to review special needs as this, giving team members a heads up on what extra accommodations need to be made for individual patients. If your child communicates best by using pictures or with a certain team member, this will help keep your visit as routine as possible. Take some pictures of the office and team ahead of time, so that you can laminate them and show them to your child as you prepare for and arrive at your appointment.

What makes your child the most comfortable? Your dentist may be able to provide a weighted blanket and noise-canceling headphones, or you can bring some items of your own. Bringing a pair of favorite sunglasses can also avoid bright light in the eyes while the dentist is examining the teeth.

Home oral hygiene is the biggest part of ensuring your child has the least amount of dental treatment over the course of their life. Encourage your child to have self-care, but follow up at least once a day with helping them brush. Your dentist can also prescribe a home fluoride gel that can help prevent cavities.

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