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Dentistry For the Anxious Child

Numby Juice. Mr. Nose and The Don’t-Worry-Be-Happy Pill. Whatever kid-friendly term your dentist uses, it’s all an important part in creating a comfortable, positive dental experience for your child. Due to advancements in dental techniques and technology, dentists are better able to provide dental treatment for children who might be too anxious otherwise.

Conscious Sedation

Use of medicine that allows your child to relax or become a bit sleepy is referred to as conscious sedation. While still allowing him to respond to voices and instructions, your child will remain relaxed and still for his dental treatment. Conscious sedation therapy is administered by taking a liquid (or pill) that your child swallows about an hour prior to their scheduled treatment.

General Anesthesia

Sometimes the nature of the dental procedure requires that your child be unconscious, to insure that the treatment can be completed safely and comfortably. Your dentist may recommend general anesthesia…

  • If your child cannot be calmed or relaxed sufficiently for the dental treatment to be performed safely
  • Due to the extensive nature or length of the dental procedure
  • For children with disabilities or special needs that limit their ability to tolerate the dental procedure safely

Pain Prevention

The first step to managing fear and anxiety is preventing discomfort or pain. In the case of some dental therapies and restorations, such as fillings or crowns, local anesthetic is delivered by injection. Often, children are unaware of their injection and enjoy a lack of discomfort as their dental procedure occurs. By creating a pleasant, painless experience for your child, existing fears may diminish and future anxieties shouldn’t develop.

If your child is anxious about dental visits, call your dentist today to discuss sedation therapy for a positive, dental experience for your child.

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