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How to Talk with Your Dentist About Dental Anxiety

Don’t assume that your dentist doesn’t want to hear about your concerns. A dentist who disregards how you feel during treatment is not someone you want working on your teeth!

You might be surprised to learn just how many individuals have some degree of fear regarding dental care. Dental anxiety ranges from a little nervousness to an actual phobia that prevents people from getting treatment.

You would not be the first to tell your dentist you’re a little scared!

How Your Dentist Can Help

All dentists have experience treating anxious patients. Each one has a different approach and technique for managing dental anxiety.

Methods may include:

  • Offering dental sedation options
  • Creating a relaxed, spa-like office environment
  • Talking patients through treatment with a gentle touch and soothing voice

The main key is good communication!

You can do your part by creating a list of things that you are specifically afraid of. What bothers you? Things like sound and sight of dental equipment? Have you had a bad experience in the past? Heard that root canals are most painful thing ever?

Share your concerns with the dentist. Make an appointment to meet briefly, not for any treatment, but just to talk. Getting your concerns out the open helps your dentist know how to help.

Communication during treatment is also essential. Agree on a safe system for expressing your discomfort or need for a break during the procedure like slowly raising a hand to get the dentist’s attention. You might be surprised to realize that the visit is much easier when you know you have an out!

Get started by calling your dentist to ask about anxiety management techniques available at their office.

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