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Oral Sedation Makes Trips to the Dentist Feel Like a Dream

With so many types of sedation dentistry choices available, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. For many people, oral sedation is the best option. Oral sedation uses a prescription sedative that is taken by mouth just one hour prior to the scheduled treatment. Gradually, you become sleepy and feel as if you are taking a light nap.

The medication lasts for several hours, allowing your dentist to catch up on all of your necessary dental work. The medications used in oral sedation also contain a light sedative. In fact, most people report that they don’t remember a single thing about their appointment. Rather, the entire experience feels like they are dreaming right through the visit. Slowly, the medication gradually wears off. Usually by this time you are already back home, as a friend or family member will accompany you to your dental visit.

Since oral sedation is taken by mouth, there are no unwanted side effects or additional injections such as those with IV sedation. Your dentist will simply numb the area inside of your mouth for increased comfort, after you are already sedated. The cost effectiveness of oral sedation makes it an excellent choice for most patients with mild to moderate anxiety.

As a sedation dentist, we want you to know that it’s ok to ask about your sedation options when you need dental treatment. By making these choices available to our patients we are able to help you feel more comfortable throughout your entire visit and get access to care that you deserve. Call us today to learn more about sedation dentistry and how it can put your mind at ease.

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