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Overcoming Anxiety about Sedation Dentistry

As if being nervous about going to the dentist wasn’t enough, a lot of people are also quite hesitant to ask their dentist about sedation options. There are a few common reasons why people avoid the topic at the dental office: 

You don’t have to be embarrassed about asking.

Sedation dentistry isn’t embarrassing. It’s simply a convenient service that eases the comfort of every dental experience – regardless of whether or not dental treatment makes you feel uneasy. Many people elect to have sedation simply to avoid the chance of discomfort during their treatment. 

Sedation isn’t expensive.

Depending on the type of sedation that your dentist uses, it can be extremely affordable! When you weigh this alternative to expensive dental treatment from putting off your care, it practically pays for itself.

Almost everyone is a candidate.

Your dentist will want to review your health and medical history with you before administering any type of sedation. Depending on your health conditions and medications that you might take, there may be one or two options that are best for you. Sedation is safe for all ages. 

You’ll be glad you did.

There’s no better feeling than getting your treatment needs behind you. Sedation helps you do that. Whether you’re nervous about dental care, have a hard time sitting for an hour or more, or just want to tune out everything around you – there’s a sedation option for everyone.

Choosing sedation dentistry is an excellent time to catch up on all of your oral care needs in one visit. Ask your dentist about a sedation estimate and what to expect during your treatment consultation.

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