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Twilight Sedation: Sleep Through Your Dental Appointment

Does napping right through your dental appointment sound like something you could look forward to? Thanks to safe options like twilight dental sedation, you can “dream” right through your entire visit.

When is Sedation an Option?

Sedation can be used for just about any dental procedure. Most people elect to use it when they have more involved treatments or a large amount of care that they need to catch up on. The appointment may include everything from a cleaning to a root canal! It’s also frequently used on children or patients who are unable to sit for extended periods of time, to help the procedure go along as quickly as possible. 

Who Needs Sedation?

Just about any healthy patient can request sedation to be used during their dental appointment. Some people request it due to anxiety; others request it because they want to tune-out a very long procedure. Since it is a very safe option, there are only a few contraindications for the procedure. Your dentist will perform a health history screening with you to make sure you meet the requirements. Instead of dreading your appointment, sedation lets you look forward to it! 

Is Sedation Expensive?

The cost of sedation is fairly inexpensive compared to procedures performed at a hospital facility under similar forms of sedation. By taking advantage of sedation opportunities and completing your care earlier on, you’re also able to reduce the cost of care before it progresses into more complicated conditions.

Does twilight sedation sound like a great option for you? Talk to your dentist about the different ways you can relax right through your next dental appointment.

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