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What to Expect from an Oral Sedation Appointment

So – you’ve decided that you want to request oral sedation during your next dental treatment. That’s great! Oral sedation is a simple and easy way to experience a relaxing appointment where your treatment needs can be addressed in a more efficient manner.

What should you expect?

You’ll arrive at the office about an hour before the treatment actually starts. At this time, your dentist will give you a prescription strength sedative to take by mouth – a pill for adults, liquid for children. Slowly, you will start to feel tired. You might even fall asleep. However, you’ll still be able to sit up, turn your head, or answer brief questions.

Some people require a second dose of the sedative at the time of the treatment, to provide the right level of sedation.

As your dentist completes the treatment, he or she will be able to work more efficiently – because you’re comfortable the entire time! You may be asked simple questions, such as “is this uncomfortable?” or “can you feel this?” Even though you will be able to answer, you probably won’t remember a single thing. How? Because the sedative is also an amnesiac.

Your dentist will complete the treatment before the medication wears off. Most oral sedatives last for about 4 hours. This is enough time for your dentist to finish and for your friend or family member to drive you back home. As the medication wears off, you may feel a bit groggy.

Oral sedation is one of the simplest and safest ways to experience dental treatment. Schedule your sleep dentistry appointment today!

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