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When Anxiety Keeps You From the Dentist

Our busy lifestyles, unemployment, or even where we live can keep us from getting access to dental care. Unfortunately, anxiety or fear of the dentist may keep more people away from the dental office than any of the other reasons previously mentioned. Thanks to the approach of gentle dentistry and anxiety options, most patients no longer have to worry about this.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to help you manage moderate to severe anxiety related to dental care. From just adding nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to a cleaning appointment, to taking a prescription sedative for your treatment procedure, there’s something that is just right for everyone. Light oral conscious sedation dentistry is one of the most popular ways that patients can “sleep” through their dental treatment and have all of it completed in a single appointment.

This medication is taken about an hour prior to their scheduled treatment and lasts for around 4 hours, so it is necessary to have someone drive you to and from your appointment. The growing need for services such as these mean that you can access them fairly easily, and don’t have to worry about being judged or made fun of just because you’re slightly nervous about dental treatment.

The first step is getting yourself back into a dental office. Most people assume that their teeth are worse off than they actually are. While that is sometimes the case, the majority of people will still have moderately healthy teeth with only some localized problem areas. The earlier you seek out a dentist that can address your anxiety needs, the sooner you can have a healthy, disease-free mouth!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mitul Patel 


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