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When Dental Sedation is Not an Option

Do you struggle with dental anxiety? Dentists can help their patients relax by giving them a careful dose of medication in pill form or an injection.

But there may be several reasons why you can’t take advantage of these common techniques.

What else can you do to relieve your anxiety over dental treatment?

Laughing Gas – Safe and Effective

One option that works well is nitrous oxide. You probably know this as “laughing gas.” Laughing gas uses the gas nitrogen to temporarily interfere with how your body deals with anxiety. It may not take away all pain, but it makes you care a whole lot less about the possibility of having an injection.

Nitrous oxide is safe for people of all ages – even small kids. The biggest contraindication is if you have certain breathing issues such as asthma. This can make it hard to inhale the gas.

If laughing gas isn’t going to work either, there are some other tricks you can try.

Before Your Appointment

Schedule your appointment for your least stressful time of day. This might be first thing in the morning when you have the most energy. Get plenty of rest the night before. Make sure to have an open conversation with your dentist to get answers to all of your questions.

How to Relax During Treatment

  • Bring along some music with headphones
  • Enjoy some reading material in the chair
  • Have a blanket and pillow handy to keep you warm and comfortable
  • Use an agreed-upon signal to let your dentist know any time you need a break

Your dentist just may have some surprising tips and suggestions for improving your dental treatment experiences. So tap into that wealth of knowledge by scheduling a sedation consultation!

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