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Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry

Thanks to sedation, more and more people are feeling comfortable with dentistry and are able to relax enough to have necessary dental work done. This makes sedation an essential tool for increasing access to dental care for those who otherwise can’t tolerate it well.

Who could really benefit from sedation?

Young Children

A vital dental treatment could be traumatizing to a child too young to understand what is going on. There are ways of safely providing young children with a mild amount of sedation that helps them to feel happy during their treatment. Laughing gas, for example, can be safely administered to kids to ease their anxiety.

Extensive Procedures

Would you like to have all your needed dental treatment completed in one sitting? Maybe the procedure you need is lengthy in nature. Sedation, usually in the form of an oral medication, can make you feel like you just napped a few minutes when in reality two hours or more of dental treatment have passed.

Individuals with Difficulty Sitting Still

Many people suffer from psychological problems that may make sitting still in a dental chair very hard. Even a simple dental cleaning could distress them. Sedation can help these patients to relax enough to get the quality care they need and deserve.

Dental Anxiety

Does the thought of visiting the dentist send off a swarm of butterflies in your stomach? Whether your anxiety is slight or severe, sedation in dentistry can spare your body the stress of that anxiety. Your dental procedures will pass by so quickly and painlessly that you’ll feel like you merely dreamed the whole thing!

Call your local dentist today to find out more about the sedation options offered in your area.

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