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Why Dental Sedation is a Good Idea Even if You’re Not Afraid

Isn’t dental sedation just for those with a phobia of dental treatment?

Although it’s certainly most helpful in that area, it’s also beneficial even if you’re not usually nervous about dental treatment.

Let’s take a look at an interesting application of dental sedation that could change the way even you view dental treatment:

Sedation Comes in Different Levels

There are actually varying levels of sedation for you to choose from. From light to deep sedation, there’s something to meet every need and individual.

Laughing gas is a good example of the lightest form of sedation. All it does is relax your body and dull your mind to discomfort. It’s a great option for little kids and for people who just want to take the edge off their anxiety about having an injection.

To get a little deeper sedation there are oral medications that help you forget the entire experience. These drugs don’t always put you to sleep, but you’ll feel like you’ve been napping.

The deepest level of sedation is that with an I.V. General sedation will keep you out cold for the entire procedure until the medication delivery is turned off.

Benefit of Dental Sedation

Dental sedation could help you out if you:

  • Need a lengthy or complex procedure
  • Can’t afford to take several days off of work to get all treatment done
  • Just want to get everything over with at one time
  • Prefer to relax and not think about what’s going on

Just a thought! Dental sedation isn’t only for those who shake like a leaf in the dental chair. It could be your ticket to FINALLY checking off every item of your treatment to-do list. Ask your dentist how.

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