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Why You Should Ask for Nitrous Oxide at Your Next Dental Appointment

Have you ever thought about requesting nitrous oxide (laughing gas, that is) during your dental appointment? If you haven’t, you might want to consider it. Laughing gas is a simple and cost effective way to help you relax through any dental procedure.

It’s Safe 

Nitrous oxide is a blend of nitrogen and pure oxygen gas sent through a self-contained delivery system. The air mixture is breathed in through a soft nosepiece. Your dentist can make adjustments to the levels at any time, and all staff is required to have monitoring permits in order to observe patients who are using nitrous.

It’s Effective 

In just a few minutes, nitrous oxide makes you feel warm and tingly from head to toe. It also decreases your response to uncomfortable stimuli, which is what makes it ideal for use in dentistry. Even if the only thing you are having done is a cleaning or filling – nitrous oxide can put your mind at ease.

It Wears Off Quickly

Do you need to go back to work or drive yourself home immediately after your appointment? No problem. The effects of nitrous oxide are completely reversible within just a few minutes.

You Will Wish You Hadn’t Waited So Long

Most people don’t ask about nitrous oxide because they are too embarrassed to inquire about types of sedation dentistry. However, your dentist and his or her team is more than happy to offer nitrous during your visit. In most cases, nitrous oxide can be added at any time to your current procedure. With nitrous oxide, you can enjoy a comfortable procedure and the peace of mind that you deserve.

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