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Will I Need Sedation for My Crown?

You just found out that you needed to have a crown placed on one of your teeth. Putting it off too long might cause the tooth to break down and not even be restorable, but you’re a bit nervous about the treatment. You already know that you’ll need local anesthesia, but will you need sedation as well?

Even most dentists will recommend a mild sedative, such as nitrous oxide during a crown procedure. This helps keep the patient relaxed through the slightly longer appointment and minimizes any discomfort that takes place due to nerve hypersensitivity. Nitrous oxide is breathed into the lungs using a small rubber nosepiece. Nitrous oxide can be used during just about any dental procedure, from routine cleanings to root canals. It has been used safely and effectively in dentistry for well over a hundred years.

Sometimes a slightly stronger sedative is needed, especially if you have other treatment to complete, fear going to the dentist, or have hypersensitive teeth. Oral or IV sedation can help you tune out what is going on around you so that you can be as comfortable as possible – and so that your dentist can work more efficiently. Keeping you comfortable is great for you as well as your dentist, because less time is spent worrying about the slightest irritations. As a result you enjoy your dental visit, the treatment can be completed more quickly, and the quality of work is excellent.

Depending on the type of sedation you choose, there are several affordable options available. Your dentist can provide you with a breakdown of fees and insurance coverage amounts during your treatment plan consultation.

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