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Is Snoring Ruining Your Sleep Each Night?

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Snoring can be a real problem for people you love who have their sleep disturbed each night by the loud noise. Some snoring is also related to sleep apnea or sleep disordered breathing, which prevents people from getting enough quality sleep each night. The cause of snoring usually originates with the soft tissues in the back of the mouth. These tissues collapse together, causing a blockage or restriction of airflow; thus a snoring noise or lack of oxygen altogether. 

An oral sleep appliance can help people prevent snoring and also improve the quality of sleep that they and their family members enjoy. The prosthesis is designed to fit securely around the teeth and position the jaws in a way that is similar to what is used during rescue breathing in CPR. This naturally increases airflow without an invasive appliance like a CPAP machine. 

How does it work? The placement of the prosthesis on the teeth causes the lower jaw to come forward into a specific location. What this does is bring the tongue forward and away from the soft palate and back of the throat. As a result, these tissues cannot collapse against one another and block off the airway. 

Most patients that choose to have their dentist make an oral sleep appliance for them will see results in just the first night. Since the device works on anatomy, wearing it will instantly result in the correct position of the jaws so that oxygen flow can be maintained. 

Are you or your loved one struggling with getting a good night’s rest each night because of snoring? If you are, it’s time to schedule a quick visit to your dentist to find out how an oral sleep appliance can help in no time.

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