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4 Ways to Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Go as Fast as Possible

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When you first got your braces, your orthodontist likely gave you an estimate of how long you’ll have to wear them.

That treatment time estimate you get is not a fixed date, however. Your orthodontist can’t guarantee exactly when you’ll see the full results. It all depends on your braces having perfect conditions to work in.

Keep your teeth healthy and your braces in good shape, and you’ll get your braces off sooner rather than later.

Here are four things you should do, to avoid wearing braces longer than you want to:

Protect Your Braces

Use an athletic sports mouthguard to avoid damage and injury if you play sports. Quit any fingernail- or pen-chewing habits. Try not to grind or clench your teeth. Avoid playing with your orthodontic bands since that could stretch them out.

Avoid the Foods You’re Supposed To

Your orthodontist isn’t kidding when he or she says to stay away from caramels, bagels, and bubble gum. You’ll regret all those extra trips to fix your braces when you choose to eat contraband foods and it pulls your appliances off. Stick to what’s safe for braces and they’ll work much faster.

Brush and Floss Correctly

Cleaning your teeth is extremely important while wearing braces. If you don’t do a thorough job, plaque buildup can cause cavities that need treatment, which slows down the entire process. Take great care of your teeth and they’ll respond to the orthodontic treatment in record time.

Ask About Accelerated Orthodontic Therapy

Most orthodontic offices provide an optional treatment that can encourage teeth to move faster. Not all orthodontic patients qualify for the procedure, but it doesn’t hurt to ask your orthodontist.

Remember to keep all of your braces appointments to make sure your treatment is up-to-speed! Skipping your visits can delay your results more than anything else.

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Three Uncommon Types of Braces You Might Not Know About

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Besides “regular” braces and clear aligners like Invisalign, there are actually a lot more options out there. Not all of them are ideal for everyone, but it’s still important to know what choices are available when it comes to selecting the best braces for your teeth.

Here are three types of orthodontic options that you might not have ever heard about before:

Lingual Braces

If you took your braces and moved them to the back/inside of your teeth — the tongue side — you would have what we call “lingual” braces. These work just like conventional orthodontics, except they’re hidden from plain view. It’s about as invisible as you can get when it comes to hiding your orthodontic treatment from everyone around you. 

Fast or Accelerated Orthodontics

Wait…aren’t “fast” and “braces” not supposed to belong in the same sentence together? How can they be safe? It’s true…generally moving the teeth too quickly can be bad for your smile as a whole. The difference with “fast” braces such as Six Month Smiles is that they target the teeth that are visible when you smile: the front ones. As such, they don’t take as much time to improve how your smile looks. Most people see results in three to six months. 

Ceramic Braces

You’ve probably seen these before, but weren’t quite sure about what they were. Ceramic braces use a standard bracket and wire system, but the materials blend in with your teeth. Yes…the brackets are white, instead of silver.

Talk to your dentist or orthodontist about your smile concerns to find out which type of braces is best for you. There are many other options besides the ones mentioned above!

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Is Accelerated Ortho Safe?

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When it comes to having a straighter smile, everyone wants beautiful results and they want them fast. Thankfully, some advancements in the field of orthodontics have opened the way to enjoying faster treatment.

Does it work? And even more importantly, is accelerated orthodontic treatment safe? It’s time to find out whether “fast braces” are right for you.

Age is More Than a Number

First of all, braces are almost always recommended only for those with a mature dentition. That is, having all adult teeth in place.

Kids and pre-teens are still going through crucial growth. Teeth are still forming inside the bone, and the jaw hasn’t reached its full potential. Some orthodontic treatment can help kids maintain the space needed for adult teeth to come in. But kids’ teeth should never be forced into another position any sooner than they are ready to!

If you’re an adult or teen looking to improve your tooth alignment, then yes, accelerated ortho is safe and could shorten your time spent wearing braces.

How You Can Speed Up Treatment

Just what is accelerated ortho? Teeth can only move so fast. But if you prioritize treatment to one localized spot in your mouth, then it won’t take as long (and it’s still safe.)

Accelerated ortho focuses on correcting the teeth you see when you smile. Straightening a few front teeth takes only a matter of months. Compare that to straightening all of your teeth for two years or more!

What this comes down to is what your teeth need. If you can get away with straightening just the front teeth, then you might want to give accelerated ortho a try.

Talk with your dentist or orthodontist to learn about what options are best for your smile needs.

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Fast Braces for Adults

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It may be more convenient to have braces when you’re young. Once you are older and busy with financial and social obligations, it may seem that you’d never have time for braces. But it’s not as involved as you may think. If you desire straighter teeth, braces are still a possibility.

“Speed Braces”

Accelerated orthodontics typically requires frequent office visit for adjustments, but the upside is that you only wear the braces for three to eight months. Time varies depending upon the severity of the case, but traditional braces definitely need to be on for a year and a half or more. Are you looking forward to an important event within the next year? A graduation or wedding, perhaps? Well, you can plan to have a straight, confident smile, just in time for the big day!

Accelerated orthodontics involves a minimally invasive surgical stimulation of bone at localized sites to encourage more rapid movement of the teeth through the bone.

Esthetic Options

Accelerated orthodontics are usually available in ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires so that your braces are far more subtle than the traditional metal ones. There are other metal options available that are still more conservative and chic in design than those typically provided for kids.

Helping Your Health

By giving “speed braces” a try, you will significantly improve your smile AND your oral health. Straight and properly spaced teeth are easily kept clean and healthy.

Investing in braces now is investing in a future of improved aesthetics as well as oral health, and we all need that! Ask your dentist today about what “fast braces” are available to you.

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Faster Orthodontic Care

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Orthodontics, such as traditional metal braces and the Invisalign® system, are a wonderful tool that has helped millions of people of all age groups for years.  The only downside of orthodontics is the amount of time that the patient must wear them as the orthodontics work to move the patient’s teeth.  Now there is a specialized product that is available thru Orthodontists, which can reduce the amount of time required for a patient’s orthodontics to move their teeth.

The Accele-Dent® Aura is a product that first came onto the market in 2009 and in clinically proven to make teeth move 50% faster when used in conjunction with existing orthodontics.  Since the teeth move faster, the orthodontic treatment is more comfortable, which is a big benefit that thousands on people have noticed.  Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Accele-Dent® Aura fits over existing orthodontics and works by delivering precise, calibrated micro-pulses to the patient’s teeth, as well as to the surrounding bone and tissue, which accelerates the movement of the patient’s teeth, as they are guided by the patient’s orthodontics.  The device fits over either the patient’s existing traditional metal braces or the Invisalign® system and only needs to be worn for 20 minutes per day to be effective.

Patient’s with orthodontics should speak to their Orthodontist to see if the Accele-Dent® Aura system fits in with their treatment.  If it does, it will be possible to reduce the amount of time the patient needs t wear their orthodontics and there is no downside to that!

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A revolutionary technological device is reducing the treatment time of orthodontic patients by as much as 50%! AcceleDent is an FDA approved device that helps patient’s teeth respond quicker to the guidance of their braces, increasing the speed at which the tooth movement can occur. Acceledent was first presented to providers in 2009 and is gaining increased popularity across the United States.

Surprisingly, Acceledent is very comfortable and works in just a few minutes a day. The activator is shaped so that it can be bitten comfortably while also fitting over your braces. The device sends calibrated micro pulses through the mouthpiece, resulting in gentle vibrations through your teeth. These pulses encourage faster bone remodeling, part of the normal process that orthodontics is based on. Instead of slower bone formation in new places, AcceleDent stimulates the bone so that it remodels even faster. At peak performance, the AcceleDent can cut treatment times in half!

For best results, wear the Acceledent device 20 minutes once a day. It’s lightweight and can be used hands-free during a TV show or while you’re reading a book. All types of braces can be used with the orthodontic accelerating device, including normal brackets, invisible alignment trays, tooth colored brackets and lingual braces.

If you’ve put off orthodontic treatment because you’re intimidated by the time commitment, ask your orthodontist about AcceleDent. Because the time commitment for Acceledent only requires a short time each day, most people find that the device is an irreplaceable part of their comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Most patients can expect their treatment times to be shortened by as many as 5 months when they use Acceledent.

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