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4 Ways to Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Go as Fast as Possible

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When you first got your braces, your orthodontist likely gave you an estimate of how long you’ll have to wear them.

That treatment time estimate you get is not a fixed date, however. Your orthodontist can’t guarantee exactly when you’ll see the full results. It all depends on your braces having perfect conditions to work in.

Keep your teeth healthy and your braces in good shape, and you’ll get your braces off sooner rather than later.

Here are four things you should do, to avoid wearing braces longer than you want to:

Protect Your Braces

Use an athletic sports mouthguard to avoid damage and injury if you play sports. Quit any fingernail- or pen-chewing habits. Try not to grind or clench your teeth. Avoid playing with your orthodontic bands since that could stretch them out.

Avoid the Foods You’re Supposed To

Your orthodontist isn’t kidding when he or she says to stay away from caramels, bagels, and bubble gum. You’ll regret all those extra trips to fix your braces when you choose to eat contraband foods and it pulls your appliances off. Stick to what’s safe for braces and they’ll work much faster.

Brush and Floss Correctly

Cleaning your teeth is extremely important while wearing braces. If you don’t do a thorough job, plaque buildup can cause cavities that need treatment, which slows down the entire process. Take great care of your teeth and they’ll respond to the orthodontic treatment in record time.

Ask About Accelerated Orthodontic Therapy

Most orthodontic offices provide an optional treatment that can encourage teeth to move faster. Not all orthodontic patients qualify for the procedure, but it doesn’t hurt to ask your orthodontist.

Remember to keep all of your braces appointments to make sure your treatment is up-to-speed! Skipping your visits can delay your results more than anything else.

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