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How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

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For decades, metal brackets and wires have been the most common and reliable method for straightening teeth.

Invisible Braces Options

First of all, what exactly are “invisible” braces?

As dentistry and orthodontics progress, there are more options out there for you to choose from. These include tooth-colored braces and clear aligner trays. The most popular aligner system is Invisalign.

How do these invisible braces compare with regular braces?


Invisalign aligners are clear trays that are custom-fitted to your teeth. Before getting your first tray, your dentist will take some records of your teeth and send these to an Invisalign lab which designs the trays.

You’ll notice that the tray is very snug because it’s designed to put slight pressure on the teeth you want to move. Over time, your bite will adjust to the fit of the tray and it’ll be time to get a new one.

Because of the special materials and diagnostics used in Invisalign, it tends to be a bit pricier than regular braces. You’ll probably find that the cost is worth the extra free time and comfort that Invisalign gives you.

Ceramic Braces

If your smile needs more help than what an aligner tray can provide, then clear braces are your next best option. These can cost a bit more than classic metal braces. This option is less visible because the brackets and wires are tooth colored with clear bands.

How much you’ll pay for invisible braces largely depends on the area you live in.  If you want to seek treatment that’s cheaper than what’s available locally, research orthodontia costs in other towns. Get started by contacting your dentist for more information.

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Is It Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth?

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Having spent much of your life with a less than perfect smile, you might think it’s pointless to bother with braces.

Fortunately, the hope of a beautiful grin isn’t limited to just teenagers! Braces can be appropriate in many seasons of life.

Why Braces Are Popular with Teens

Orthodontists and dentists know that it’s much easier to adjust the growth pattern of teeth while a person is still young. It’s certainly a lot more convenient to have braces before you have kids and a professional job!

Straightening teeth early in life can help someone to avoid major dental problems later on in life. Even if you missed your chance in your teens, however, you can still benefit from orthodontic treatment.

You Deserve a Gorgeous Smile!

Even if you feel that you’re used to the way your smile looks, it’s never too late to enjoy a change. Imagine what your friends, family, or coworkers would think of your younger and healthier looking smile. As a matter of fact, there have been patients 80 years’ young who enjoyed the results of aligning their smiles!

Adult Orthodontic Options

You probably don’t have to stick to classic braces if you want to adjust your tooth alignment. More and more dentists are offering options such as:

  • Invisalign
  • Smart Moves
  • Barely-there aligners
  • Clear or tooth-colored braces
  • Accelerated braces

These choices give you the freedom to choose when, how fast, and how visible you want your treatment to be.

It’s not too late to enjoy the best smile of your life! Ask your dentist for tips on finding the best way to straighten your teeth and get the best smile of your life.

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4 Ways to Close the Gap in Your Smile

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For some adults, a gap between the front teeth is part of their trademark look. It’s what makes them unique.

You, on the other hand, are tired of seeing that empty space in the mirror. It might have you hiding behind your lips when you smile and covering up with your hand when you laugh.

It’s time to say good-bye to that childish grin for good with one of these dental techniques.

  1. Invisalign

Invisalign is a well-known procedure involving a series of clear trays is the orthodontic procedure preferred by most adults. It’s ideal for cosmetic tweaks like bringing your two front teeth a bit closer together.

  1. Six Month Smiles

Braces are the traditional method for bringing teeth together. Lots of offices now offer a program called “Six Month Smiles” or fast braces, which uses problem-focused treatment for fast results.

Basically, you get braces put on only the one spot that needs them. This technique usually takes around six months, but you could see results in as soon as four months.

  1. Veneers

If you want to avoid moving your teeth altogether, then dental veneers may be an option.

Veneers are false fronts that replace a thin layer of enamel on the front of your top teeth. These porcelain shells can be designed to extend farther than your natural teeth, closing up any gaps between them.

  1. Bonding

Would you like a fast-fix?

Your dentist can minimize the space between your front teeth by reshaping them with a bit of tooth-colored filling material. It’s a quick and painless process with minimal damage to your tooth enamel.

Which option is right for your smile? Contact your local dentist to find out.

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4 Reasons Why Adults Need Braces Too

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Even though high school happened years ago, you might be due to experience a situation common to teens: orthodontic treatment.

That’s right, braces aren’t just for kids, anymore! Here are four ways you could benefit from straightening your teeth now.

  1. Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

With gaps closed off and overlapping teeth evened out, plaque bacteria will have fewer places to hide. This means that your teeth and gums can steer clear of problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay.

  1. Level-Up Your Oral Hygiene

Not only do straightened teeth make for easier cleaning, but they’ll need extra TLC while you’re in braces. This will give you some valuable training for maintaining a sparkling clean mouth. To top it off, you’re going to be too proud of your new look to ever let your teeth get gunky!

  1. Orthodontic Treatment Could Relieve Discomfort

A bad bite could be contributing to stress on your jaw. This tension could cause you headaches. Straightening your teeth into comfortable alignment could get you a whole lot of relief!

  1. It’s Never Too Late to Enjoy a Straighter Smile!

Finally, straightening your teeth just plain looks good. Your smile will appear younger and others will notice that you’re a confident and responsible individual who cares for their health.

Find an Orthodontist Near You

Happily, adult patients often have a wider variety of orthodontic options available to them. You’re not limited to the inconvenience and classic look of traditional braces! Even your general dentist may be able to offer procedures such as:

  • Invisalign
  • Six-Month Smiles
  • Inman Aligner

Ask your dentist about which method might work best for you.

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Can Braces Improve Your Gum Health?

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Braces do far more than just straighten out your teeth. Their benefits extend to the rest of your mouth, as well.

How Braces Help Gums

Crooked teeth are significant factors when it comes to problems such as:

  • Gum recession
  • Plaque accumulation
  • Bad breath
  • Stain
  • Gum inflammation

This is all because teeth in healthy alignment are meant to repel bacterial buildup. Your tongue and lips play an important role in keeping your teeth clean. They only work well when your smile is nice and even. Crooked teeth miss out on this cleansing action which makes it easy for buildup to accumulate around them.

It may take a little time, but braces guide your teeth into a more natural and comfortable alignment that your gums will love. It’s worth the wait!

Your gums are not only prone to infection from plaque trapped by crooked teeth, they can also be stressed by the teeth. Gum tissue is strong and complex, but it’s also thin and sensitive. A little too much tension from a tooth out of alignment can encourage the gums to recede away from your smile line.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Have you ever tried to brush around twisted teeth or floss between areas that are tightly overlapped?

Braces improve the spacing throughout your smile. Spaced-out teeth are easier to keep clean. Flossing won’t be an annoying chore and your brushing will be much more effective. With improved oral hygiene comes improved gum health. You can even hope to avoid serious issues like periodontal disease.

If you’re thinking about getting braces, don’t forget about the added health perks for your gums. Ask your dentist about all the ways braces can benefit your oral health and revolutionize your smile.

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Caring For Your Invisalign Aligners

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Just like any other retainer or braces you may wear, your Invisalign trays need some TLC.

If you don’t keep your aligners clean, then they’re likely to accumulate stain, tartar, and plaque buildup. This spells disaster for tooth health – and for your breath!

Check out these tips for getting the most of your orthodontic aligners:

Get a toothbrush just for your alignment trays. The trays need their own brush because toothpaste residue on an old toothbrush may have abrasives that can scratch up your aligner. The idea of Invisalign is to keep your trays invisible. Keeping your aligners clean and scratch-free is the best way to enjoy them!

Be careful about where you put your trays while eating meals. You sure would hate to throw out your valuable aligner with your garbage or lunch tray! Keep a designated case with you at all times so that you can safely put your aligners somewhere where they won’t be forgotten.

Avoid heat! Your Invisalign trays were molded with heat to match your smile, so keep them out of the sun; always clean and soak them in cool or room-temperature liquids. DO NOT assume that boiling water is a good idea to sterilize your trays. This will ruin them.

Use the right cleaning product. There are a wide variety of recommended at-home solutions for cleaning your trays. The best solution is one that helps reduce tartar buildup while having an antibacterial effect. The Invisalign system’s own cleaning solution claims to offer the best results for maintaining your aligner.

Talk with your Invisalign provider to learn more about getting the most of your clear braces.

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Braces Are Good for Grownups, Too!

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All the kids are getting braces these days. Many big kids, too! Even some adults past retirement age feel their smile is worth investing in enough to try braces!

Are braces right for you?

How a Straighter Smile Helps Adults

The fact that you’re simply reading this shows that you care about your smile. You may even be into whitening your teeth on a regular basis.

So why straighten your teeth, too?

Well, for one thing, crooked teeth can draw attention in a not-so-great kind of way. They are more likely to collect stain (and the broccoli you had for lunch). A straighter smile will stay cleaner longer and also benefit from a whitening treatment in a more uniform way.

Straight teeth give you the confidence to show them off! A lot of folks view overlapped and widely-spaced teeth as typical of little kids’ smiles. Correcting these problems in your own smile can give you a more mature and professional appearance.

The Health Benefits of Braces

Looks alone aren’t the only area you’ll win in with braces! Because straighter teeth are easier to clean, they’ll be less likely to harbor harmful bacteria. Using orthodontic treatment to nudge your teeth into proper alignment could actually lower your risk for things like cavities and gum disease.

Braces Options Compatible with Your Busy Life

You’re not limited to the classic metal-look. These days, many offices provide options like:

  • Low-visibility tooth-colored braces
  • Invisalign removable trays
  • Removable problem-focused aligners for rapid results

Thanks to options that are comfortable, discreet, and fast, braces are becoming more popular among adults.

Curious to see whether braces are right for you? Contact your dentist for more information.

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Which Come First – Braces or Restorations?

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You’ve been thinking about getting braces for a while. But now your dentist is recommending that you have a few fillings or even a crown. Which procedure should come first?

Prioritizing Risks and Treatment

Surprisingly, braces are very important to your dental health! Crooked teeth tend to trap disease-causing bacteria and they’re harder to clean than straight ones. By evening out your smile with braces, you lower your risk for problems like cavities and gum disease.

However, it can be difficult to place fillings on teeth with wires in the way! If you have tooth decay, it cannot be neglected. It won’t do you much good to straighten teeth as they continue to decay.

Are Fillings and Crowns Affected by Braces?

Your teeth can still safely have orthodontic treatment even when they have fillings or crowns. Braces are attached onto the visible portion of the teeth and encourage the entire tooth to move through the bone.

A filled or crowned tooth is still a complete tooth, root and all. Dental implants, however, are a different story.

Braces Make Space for Implants

A dental implant is a special metal screw that heals and fuses into the surrounding bone. This cannot be moved with braces! It’s best to improve the spacing of your teeth with braces and later on, fill in the gap with a dental implant if that is your preference.

In short, braces are most effective when damage is repaired before beginning orthodontic treatment. After your teeth are gently nudged back into proper position, you can start making plans for filling in empty spaces, if needed.

Talk with your local dentist for more information on how to begin your own smile makeover!

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3 Ways to Make Your Braces More Comfortable

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Braces are wonderful for creating your smile into something new! They’re also great for your oral health because straight teeth are easier to clean than ones out of alignment.

But let’s face it: braces can be a real pain while you’re wearing them. Let’s take a look at just three ways you can relieve some of your discomfort and make treatment more comfortable.

  1. Dental Wax and Dental Silicone

The most direct way of dealing with the cause of mouth sores is to put a barrier between your tissues and the brackets or wires. Materials such as dental wax and silicone are great for this. Your orthodontist has likely already given you a sample of it. The wax is usually easier to work with. You just pinch off the amount you need, roll it into a ball, and mold it over the bracket or wire that’s bothering you.

  1. Warm Salt Water Rinse

For an economical, simple, and effective treatment, simply use a salt water rinse. Dissolve about a teaspoon of table salt in one glass of warm tap water. Swish this concoction several times a day to ease the sores on your cheeks and help them heal up faster.

  1. Ice Cream

Eating ice cream can help dull pain from braces – but make sure you brush afterwards!

Really, though, cold foods and drinks can numb your aching teeth or stinging cheeks. It doesn’t have to be ice cream. Even sipping on ice water could do the trick.

Ask your orthodontist for more tips on keeping your smile vibrant and comfortable while you finish up your orthodontic treatment.

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Do I Qualify for an Alternative to Braces?

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Maybe your dentist has been after you about straightening your smile for years – but you’re just not thrilled about the idea of wearing metal brackets and wires for over a year. Fortunately, you have a few options to choose from. One of these options may be just right for your smile.

Go Subtle with Tooth-Colored Brackets

Are you mainly concerned about how braces look? Some adults and teens worry that braces will give them a childish appearance. You can still get all the benefits of the trusted traditional orthodontic treatment without being a “metal mouth.”

Braces can often be placed with tooth-colored brackets and “clear” wires. This color scheme will ensure that your braces are not the first thing folks notice about you!

Discreet and Comfortable Trays

Invisalign aligners are popular among teens and busy adults alike. Some of the benefits of using trays to straighten your teeth include:

  • Removable for meals and hygiene
  • Barely-there appearance
  • Fewer orthodontic appointments

Short-Term Ortho for Those in a Hurry

Some types of special aligners and braces work quickly by targeting only a few teeth. You could straighten out the visible portion of your smile in a matter of a few months. This isn’t the right solution if you have serious bite issues, but for a quick fix with less hassle, a special aligner or accelerated treatment could be your answer.

The important fact to keep in mind is that no two orthodontic cases are alike. What worked for your friend or neighbor or that guy you read about on Google isn’t necessarily right for you! Your dentist will help you to figure out your orthodontic needs and get you started with references and suggestions that are tailored to your situation.

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