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Straight Teeth Are Naturally Cleaner Than Crooked Ones

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Crooked teeth are not a sign of low intelligence…or poor hygiene…or unattractiveness.

Many people are perfectly content with their less-than-perfectly-aligned teeth, and that’s perfectly okay.

But what everyone needs to know is that crooked teeth can potentially pose a health risk to gums and the teeth, themselves. This comes down to the fact that crooked teeth can’t keep themselves clean the way straight teeth do.

How Teeth Clean Themselves

Your teeth don’t groom themselves like animals do. They don’t even have a self-cleaning mechanism. However, your tongue, cheeks, lips, and saliva do the job for them.

But it’s when teeth are all in proper alignment, that they shed food debris more easily in response to your mouth’s natural movements.

Overlapping teeth trap food, gaps pack it in, and twisted teeth may collect debris at the gum line where it can’t be washed away. So it’s true that straight teeth kept in alignment will be naturally “cleaner” than crooked ones.

Clean Teeth = Healthy Teeth

Cleanliness isn’t just a matter of looks. When teeth are clean, they are less prone to disease. Dental plaque is made up of sticky biofilm and waste products from food. When plaque levels build on teeth, they cause all sorts of trouble: like gingivitis and cavities.

Crooked teeth, then, are more at risk for such problems because they hold onto more of that harmful bacterial plaque.

If you have a few crooked teeth, you may want to ask your dentist about your options for straightening your teeth such as invisible braces or other orthodontic treatments. At the very least, you will need to learn new ways to keep them extra clean and free of unwanted disease.

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Are Braces a Smart Financial Decision?

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Everyone wonders at some point whether orthodontic treatment is worth all that time and expense.

For the most part, dental insurance helps out a lot when it comes to orthodontic care, especially for kids. But if you or your child needs treatment that isn’t covered entirely (or at all) by insurance, you’re understandably hesitant about following through.

Why Get Braces?

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just make teeth look nice. Straight teeth are aesthetically-pleasing but they are also critical to your oral health. This is because crooked teeth will trap more bacteria and are at risk for things like cavities and gum disease.

Straightening teeth now could save your family on thousands that might later be spent on root canals, extractions, crowns, and so forth.

How To Afford Braces

Here at the start of a new year when most insurance plans reset, is a good time to evaluate your situation. If you find that your current benefits aren’t meeting your family’s orthodontic needs, talk with your employer about selecting a new plan. You may even already have benefits you weren’t aware of. Analyze your insurance plan closely before you rule out orthodontic treatment.

Your local dental office or orthodontist most likely has some very flexible payment plans that they can offer you. You’d be surprised at how some careful planning goes a long way in making braces affordable. Get started by having an orthodontic consultation. Most of the time, these initial visits are free and will let you know how much treatment could cost.

In the end, getting braces could be the best decision you ever make. Talk with your dentist to find out more.

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Can I Get Braces at My Regular Dentist’s Office?

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These days, it’s becoming more common for people to get orthodontic treatment right in their own general dental office.

Your own dentist may even offer some procedures involving braces or aligners.

It sounds worth a try, but you’re still a little worried – is it a good idea?

Dentists And Orthodontists – The Difference

All orthodontists are dentists who have taken an additional two to three years of education to study the art of moving teeth. They get special training in providing orthodontic care to patients of all backgrounds. Most professional orthodontists are members of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

An orthodontist has learned all your regular dentist has in terms of tooth anatomy and health. But he or she has chosen to spend more time in focusing on straightening teeth and correcting bad bites.

What does this mean for your regular dentist?

General Dentists Placing Braces

A lot of general dentists are getting extra training in specific types of treatment, so that they can offer more procedures to their patients. It’s a win-win situation because you get the convenience and the dentist can keep your business in their practice.

Yes, general dentists can offer braces. It simply depends on the dentist’s experience level. There are dentists who want nothing to do with braces and refer out all patients who need that kind of treatment. Then there are those who are up to the challenge! It’s all a matter of personal preference.

You should also know there’s no guarantee that ortho treatment will be cheaper in your regular dental office.

If you want to find out more about the orthodontic treatment your dentist offers, ask him or her about their experience with placing braces.

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3 Ways Braces Benefit Adult Smiles

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Do you think braces are just for kids?

It might at first seem pointless for adults to wear braces. But there are actually three ways that orthodontic treatment could make major improvements to your smile, no matter what your age is.

  1. Prevent Cavities and Gum Inflammation

Overlapping teeth trap bacteria that irritate gums and wear down tooth enamel. When you open up the spacing between crowded teeth, they won’t collect bacterial plaque as quickly. Straight teeth are healthy teeth! Braces can help adults avoid developing serious oral diseases like periodontitis and tooth decay.

  1. Improve Your Bite

Crooked or overlapping teeth usually experience uneven pressure when you bite down. This extra pressure can cause problems later on in life such as jaw pain, worn down enamel, and even gum recession.

In fact, teeth tipped out of alignment will lean further out of place the more you bite down on them. You can spare your TMJ the extra strain when you proactively correct crooked teeth with braces.

  1. Keep Your Teeth Whiter

An unexpected benefit of straightening teeth is that your smile will stay brighter longer. This is because straight teeth don’t collect stain as quickly as crooked ones do. After a course with braces, your teeth will be easier to keep clean from buildup and your teeth whitening treatments will work quicker.

With so many oral health benefits to consider, it’s not fair to let kids have all the fun! From aligner trays to conventional braces, there’s an orthodontic treatment out there that’s right for you. Ask your family dentist which procedure will make the biggest difference in your smile.

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3 Common Myths About Braces

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Three common misconceptions prevent people from enjoying all the incredible benefits braces have to offer. Have these popular perceptions led you to pass up potentially life-changing orthodontic treatment?

Myth 1: Braces are just for kids.

Not true! Patients of virtually any age can have braces if their smile stands to benefit from straighter teeth. Permanent teeth can be adjusted almost any time. It’s certainly convenient to treat problems in kids and teens before they worsen, but this doesn’t mean adults can’t have orthodontic treatment.

If you think metal braces wouldn’t look right on your adult teeth, that’s fine. There are many far more discreet alternatives on the market these days.

Myth 2: Straight teeth are only a superficial cosmetic concern.

False! Straight teeth do far more than look nice. Straight teeth are more easily kept clean than crooked ones. Overlapping teeth will quickly trap stain, plaque, and tartar. This makes them prone to developing tooth and gum disease. A straightened smile is a healthy smile!

Myth 3: Teeth will shift back after braces anyway if the provider didn’t do a good job.

The fact is that your teeth can easily shift back to their original spots no matter who placed your braces. Teeth are stronger than bone and have the tendency to drift where there is little resistance. They naturally keep moving forward in the mouth as we age. They need to be “trained” to stay in the position braces puts them in. You do this by diligently wearing your retainer as directed.

Ask your dentist about the orthodontic options offered that can make a difference in your life.

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3 Ways Adult Braces Can Improve Your Smile

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Guess what all the kids are doing these days? All the BIG kids, that is!

Braces are no longer just for kids and teens. In fact, many adults are giving orthodontia a try for the first time in their life. And there’s no age-limit! How might adult braces benefit your smile?

Improve Your Dental Health

Straightening teeth makes them easier to keep clean. This keeps them healthy and lowers their risk for developing oral disease. Additionally, straight teeth experience even wear and pressure when you chew. Uneven wear and pressure can create problems down the road.

Enjoy an Easier Smile Makeover

The most fundamental step in your smile makeover could be straightening your teeth. After correcting major alignment issues, you can more easily proceed with dental veneers, bonding, or crowns as part of a complete smile makeover. Or you may find that just whitening your teeth after straightening them gives you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Boost Your Confidence!

Others will definitely notice when you value your smile and put effort into making it look your best! An even smile could empower you with the confidence you need to make a career change, network, or anything else.

You’d be surprised at the power a beautiful smile can have in your life. With so many options now available to choose from, you’re bound to find an adult braces option that suits you perfectly:

  • Classic metal braces
  • Tooth-colored braces
  • Barely-there trays
  • Removable aligners
  • And more!

Ask your dentist about which options are available to you in your area. There’s no time like now to get started!

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