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The 5 Main Benefits of Replacing a Missing Tooth with a Dental Implant

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There are a few options available for replacing missing teeth, such as dental bridges and removable partial dentures. Some folks opt to do nothing, altogether. But implants deliver a more benefits when compared with traditional options. Consider just a few of the biggest advantages…

Smile with confidence.

It’s a sad thing if you have to hold back from laughing or smiling because you hate your smile. An implant would nicely fill in the gap and bring back your confidence.

Chew food in comfort.

You can say goodbye to the days of getting pieces of bagel or chicken packed around the teeth on either side of a gap! You also won’t have any more painful moments of biting down into something crunchy like nuts or tortilla chips, stabbing the gums in the empty space – ouch!

Implants will help you eat all the foods you love without worrying about a removable denture moving around.

Enjoy easier oral hygiene.

Did you know that implants require the same care as natural teeth? You can keep your implant healthy for life with simple brushing and flossing. There’s no need to do anything more complicated.

Save the shape of your smile.

An implant is more than what you see in the mirror. Implants are actually metal screws that support a false tooth. The implant itself acts just like a root and stimulates the jaw bone to fuse it in place, preventing collapsed gums in your smile.

Preserve your smile alignment.

Empty spaces allow teeth to drift out of place, so an implant makes the perfect placeholder to keep that from happening.

Want to know more about getting dental implants? Contact your dentist today for a consultation.

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4 Reasons to Consider Attaching Your Denture to Dental Implants

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A denture isn’t the end of the line. A couple of strategically placed dental implants could be all you need to get more life out of your smile.

Here’s how…

1. Eat with Security

With the security implants provide, you won’t have to be as selective in the foods you attempt to chew. Feel free to laugh as loud as you want, too. That denture isn’t going to fall out no matter how hard you sneeze!

An upper denture attached to implants doesn’t have to cover your entire palate like traditional dentures do. This means that foods will finally taste just the way they used to.

2. Less Chafing

One of the biggest complaints with traditional dentures is how they can make the gums quite sore.

If most of the bite pressure is being supported by a couple implants, then your gums will be spared the chafing.

3. Fewer Chances of Losing or Damaging Your Denture

All it takes is one hearty cough and that saliva-soaked denture slides right out of your mouth, through your hands, and smack onto the floor.

Believe it or not, there are far more creative ways folks have lost or broken their dentures.

Implants can keep your denture right where you want until you’re ready to take it out.

On a related note, by attaching your denture to implants, you’ll also enjoy having . . .

4. No More Embarrassing Slips!

You’ll regain so much confidence once you attach your denture to implants. A sense of humor does help you endure those embarrassing moments of wearing a denture. But implants will definitely banish social anxiety for good.

Ask your dentist about whether you’re a candidate for implant dentures.

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The Top 6 Benefits You’ll Experience When Choosing a Dental Implant

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Why should you think about replacing that lost tooth with an implant? Here are a few good reasons to get you started:

No Storing Teeth in a Cup

You will love the convenience of not having to remove false teeth at night, or the social embarrassment that goes along with it. Plus, you can stick to “normal” cleaning methods like brushing and flossing rather than brushing and soaking a denture.

You Can Stop Worrying About How Your Smile Looks

Rediscover your lost confidence. An implant blends in flawlessly with your smile. It won’t look fake, it won’t fall out, and it feels like a real tooth. You can show off your smile with pride!

You’ll Get to Eat All the Foods You Love

Some tooth replacements limit you when it comes to what you can chew or bite into. But an implant can handle everything a natural tooth can.

Laugh Out Loud

Go ahead and let that laugh roll out. You’re guaranteed that your teeth won’t roll out along with it!

Say Goodbye to Smile Shrinkage!

Without a tooth root in your jaw, the bone around missing teeth starts to shrink. Eventually, this leaves a dramatic gap in your smile and can shorten your bite, giving your chin a rolled-in or sunken appearance. Implants stimulate bone growth and contribute to a youthful facial profile.

Preserve the Rest of Your Teeth

Partial dentures and bridges rest on natural teeth for support. But implants won’t wear on the remaining teeth, since they’re set into your jaw.

Want to learn more about the benefits of dental implants? Get started today by calling an implant dentist near you to schedule a consultation.

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5 Benefits of Dental Implants

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A dental implant is a metal post placed in the jawbone that supports and anchors a tooth replacement such as a dental crown or even a removable denture.

Implants represent the ultimate, gold standard in restorative dentistry, the end-all dental solution. Why? Because of these unparalleled benefits:

  1. Better Diet

Implants let you chew with more security than dentures do. You can bite into healthy foods and enjoy a greater variety of the meals you love. An implant can also eliminate that annoying “food trap” created by a missing tooth.

  1. Permanent Solution

Tired of constantly getting your denture adjusted or having new partials made? Dental implants get rid of all of that. Once an implant heals in place, it’s basically set for life, as long as you take care of it.

  1. Easier Oral Hygiene

Caring for your implants is just like brushing and flossing your natural teeth. You need to work to keep an implant healthy and strong, but that’s usually easier than flossing under a fixed bridge or cleaning a denture every day.

  1. Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

An implant is designed to feel just like a natural tooth, so there will be no fear of it slipping out of place, pinching, or chafing your gums. It’s secure and ready to go all day long.

  1. Improved Confidence

It almost goes without saying that you’ll look great by completing your smile with an implant! Knowing you can smile, laugh, chew, and talk with confidence will help you live your life worry-free.

Find out how one or more dental implants could change your life. Call your dentist today to schedule a consultation.

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How Long Will a Dental Implant Last?

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Your implant is designed to feel like a normal tooth, but it can take some getting used to. After the surgical placement, the tissue around these restorations need time to heal. You’ll also be visiting the dentist for multiple appointments.

With all the time and effort involved, there’s no side-stepping the issue – dental implants can cost more than other tooth replacements. But rather than looking at them as an expense, it best to see them for what they really are: a smart investment.

Just as with any other smart investment, you can expect the payout of a dental implant to be worth all of the time and start-up costs. What this also means is that you can expect your implant to last you a very long time!

Lifespan Of Dental Implants

As an implant integrates with your bone and gums, it essentially becomes a part of you. It isn’t going anywhere. The best part about investing in an implant is that they can last you a lifetime.

Dental implants are commonly made from titanium. You’re not likely to have an allergic reaction and it won’t break down. Top it off with a sturdy crown, and you’ve got the next best thing to a natural tooth.

Investing In Implants

Virtually all other tooth restoration options are temporary. From bridges to dentures, you’re not going to find a replacement that lasts as long as implants do.

Of course, there’s much you still need to do to keep your implant strong. It might not be a natural tooth, but it has natural gums and bone around it. Keeping your implant clean is the key to making it last.

Talk with your dentist for information if you’re curious about implants.

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10 Things a Dental Implant Will Let You Do

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  1. Brush and Floss Normally

Many fixed and removable tooth replacements require special cleaning routines and tools. Not so with a dental implant! Caring for one usually entails the same techniques used on natural teeth.

  1. Smile Without Fear

This benefit goes without explanation!

  1. Live Your Life

An implant will let you live free of worry over damaging, losing, cleaning, or anyone noticing your removable appliance.

  1. Chew a Steak

Yes, an implant can take that! Dental implants let you enjoy a diverse range of tasty and nutritious foods.

  1. Bite an Apple

Even a strong partial denture could let you down when it comes to your favorite fiber-loaded fruits for a balanced diet.

  1. Support Your Smile

When a tooth is lost, the bone underneath it will start to disappear. This causes the gums to sag, enlarging the gap. With a dental implant in place of the tooth, your bone will stay strong.

  1. Have Fewer Dental Appointments

Once your implant heals securely in place, there’s not much more to do. Keep your regular six-month appointments and brush and floss daily.

  1. Secure Your Denture

Implants can help even if you have no teeth left at all. Say goodbye to messy denture pastes when you get your prosthesis fitted for an implant attachment.

  1. Preserve Tooth Spacing and Alignment

If there’s a gap, your natural teeth will be quick to shift out of place. An implant makes a great permanent placeholder!

  1. Speak Clearly

A missing tooth can affect speech, so replacing it will help you sound clear and professional whenever you need to.

Ready to see just how much these benefits could mean to you? Ask your dentist for an implant consultation.

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Will Anyone Be Able to Tell That I Have an Implant?

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In short, no, nobody has to know. Dental implants are designed to completely replace and resemble a natural tooth as closely as possible.

If you never tell other people that you have an implant, or show them your dental x-rays, no one will ever have to know. 

What Make Dental Implants So Fantastic

A dental implant is one of the best smile restoration options available. An implant is the only way you can completely and permanently replace a missing tooth without relying on neighboring teeth. 

What are Implants Made Of?

Dental implants are metal rods (usually titanium) placed into the jawbone where a natural tooth used to be. A small portion remains above the gum line, where the false tooth (made of custom-matched porcelain) attaches onto it.

Once the area has healed and fused with new bone, your implant isn’t going anywhere! Only the porcelain crown is visible, as the implant itself his hidden by gum tissue.

Your dentist customizes your new crown to match the other teeth. They won’t stand out against other teeth.

Different From Dentures

It’s true that a partial denture tends to be the cheaper option. But don’t forget that a partial has to be removed for cleaning, can be uncomfortable, and even be lost. An implant is not removable, so there’s no possibility of someone catching you without it.

Implant therapy can even replace full dentures! People may be able to tell when you’re wearing dentures, but with implants holding them in place, they’re much less likely to notice.

Visit your dentist to find out more about how implants could help you.

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Teeth Whitening and Dental Implants

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A lot of people want to know if they can lighten the color of their implant after getting it placed. Dental implants are permanent, replacing and acting just like natural teeth.

So if natural teeth can be bleached in a variety of ways, how about your permanent dental implant?

Let’s first take a look at how whitening works.

Teeth Whitening Techniques

Teeth whitening happens in two different ways:

Abrasives – typically found in whitening toothpaste, gritty material scrubs away surface stain.

Bleaching – teeth can be whitened with chemicals that lift stain from deep within the pores of the enamel.

Will of these work on implants?

Dental implants are titanium or ceramic rods inserted into the bone where roots of teeth go. They are then topped off with a crown, typically made of porcelain. The crown is made to be highly durable and look just like a natural tooth.

The downside here is that porcelain does not act the same as tooth enamel. Enamel color can change with bleaching, but porcelain will not. The color of the crown once it’s placed is the color it will stay.

Is There Any Way to Lighten Implants?

Your implant crown is colored to match the rest of your teeth at the time you get it. If you decide to lighten the color of your teeth later on, then your implant will stand out as a little darker.

Ideally, you should try whitening your teeth before your dentist designs your implant crown. Once your teeth reach the shade you desire, you can match your crown to that.

Ask your dentist about how to keep your implant in the best shape possible!

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4 Reasons to Choose a Dental Implant

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When you could go with a bridge, partial denture, or nothing at all, why bother considering dental implants?

A dental implant procedure is not always covered by insurance. Implants are known for being quite the investment of time and expense; but you shouldn’t let these factors make you rule out the possibility of implants altogether.

Why not?

Reason Number 1: Implants Are a Permanent Solution

Most restorative options need to be replaced, adjusted, or updated at some point down the road. Dentures will stop fitting comfortably as your mouth changes shape. Teeth that support a bridge can weaken or develop cavities – but implants are forever a part of your jaw once they are placed. As long as you keep them clean, implants will serve you for a very long time.

Reason Number 2: Implants Will Preserve Your Smile

Tooth roots are what give your mouth its shape. When the teeth are lost, the bone under the gums starts to shrink. Implants provide fake “roots” that stimulate the bone to stay strong, keeping your smile in tact.

Reason Number 3: Implants Feel Like Natural Teeth

A denture may be cheaper, but it can’t compare to the confidence you would have with implants. Dental implants won’t slide around and don’t need any adhesive paste. You can actually chew all your favorite crunchy and chewy foods to your heart’s delight with the help of implants!

Reason Number 4: You Can Maintain Implants Like Natural Teeth

No removal necessary to clean implants! Simply brush and floss just like you would natural teeth.

Have more questions about dental implants? Your local dentist will be happy to help you out!

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3 Ways an Implant Beats a Bridge

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Need to replace a missing tooth or two?

A dental bridge is a pretty quick solution when compared with a dental implant. Implants typically require a healing period of several months before they’re complete and ready to go. A bridge is done within a couple of dental appointments.

A bridge might seem like the more desirable option because it’s faster. But what are the upsides to choosing an implant, instead?

  1. Implants Don’t Affect Neighboring Teeth

A dental bridge is just a false tooth that spans the gap. But it’s also supported by the teeth on either side of the gap. Healthy teeth may need to be trimmed for crowns just to support this false tooth.

No other teeth are harmed in the making of an implant!

  1. An Implant Feels Like a Natural Tooth

Your implant will be so strong that you’ll chew all your favorite foods again. You can also be confident in smiling without shame!

  1. Implants are Easier to Clean and Maintain

Because your implant feels and behaves like a natural tooth, it’s easy to access it with a toothbrush and toothbrush. Just brush and floss along with the rest!

Further, an implant is meant to stay in place for life. Dental bridges don’t have that guarantee.

Your situation could make a bridge better for you than an implant. Every case is different! If you’re interested in restoring your smile by replacing missing teeth, then call your local dental office. Your dentist will make sure you know all your options and explain them in greater detail.

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