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Four Reasons Dentures Are Better Than No Teeth at All

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Are you really happy being toothless for the rest of your life? Here’s why you should give some serious thought to the benefits of dentures.

  1. You Can Eat Better

Without teeth, you’ll probably be inclined to choose soft foods that don’t require any chewing. This is a problem because those softer foods are going to be lower in fiber and nutrients that your body needs. Dentures will let you chew items that are full of fuel to keep you healthy.

  1. You’ll Enjoy Social Activities Much More

It’s one thing to relax around family without any teeth. But you’ll surely discover a new level of confidence when you have dentures for a social event outside your home. Few people are willing to smile without any teeth. Dentures will give you teeth to show off during group photo sessions.

  1. You Can Maintain Your Smile Shape

Without teeth to support your jaws, your chin and mouth will get a sunken-in appearance. A set of prosthetic teeth will give your smile the support it needs. This is how dentures will help you look younger.

  1. Your Oral Hygiene Might Actually Improve

When there’s no teeth to worry about, why bother with brushing?

Your mouth still needs care even after all your teeth are gone. But it’s easier to neglect the task when you can’t see anything in there worth worrying about. Dentures require simple daily maintenance. Because you’re going to clean them every day, you’ll be more in-tune with the condition of your mouth.

Visit your dentist to find out which tooth replacement option is right for you.

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3 Reasons It’s a Good Idea to Get Dentures

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When it comes down to it, dentures will never totally make up for what your natural teeth could do. But this doesn’t mean that no teeth at all is the better option.

Here are three reasons you should think about getting dentures instead of going toothless:

  1. Strong Smile Support

Try telling yourself you don’t ever need to smile around people you love. A denture doesn’t just give you teeth to smile with, but it helps provide shape and support for your smile and facial profile. Going teeth-and-denture-free will cause your mouth to collapse in on itself sooner.

  1. Eat What You Need

Here’s the obvious and most important reason to get a denture: you’re just not going to get the nutrition your body needs without a way to chew. Not everything tastes good blended and eaten through a straw.

Vitamins and nutrients like fiber are best taken in through natural food sources. Soft foods tend to lack the variety of vitamins your body needs. A denture is crucial to your nutrition.

  1. The Chance to Fix All You Ever Wanted to About Your Smile

It’s not recommended to pull out strong, healthy teeth while you still have some left. But when you do choose to get dentures, you’ll have the freedom to choose things like:

  • Gum color
  • Tooth size, shape, and color
  • The look and feel of your bite (you can correct that overbite or buck toothed-look you used to have)

Finally, you can get that perfect look you’ll be happy to show off!

Are you ready for a denture? Talk to your dentist for more information.

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Are You Too Young For Dentures?

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Tooth loss can happen at any age.  Lack of dental care, a traumatic accident, reflux or even a genetic disorder can all lead to the loss of your natural teeth at a younger age.  If the appearance of your mouth embarrasses you, dentures can give you an attractive, confident smile that you’ll enjoy showing off.

Living With Your Dentures

Choosing dentures is a decision that will affect you for the rest of your life.  It’s not a decision you make because it’s easier than caring for your existing teeth.  Just like your natural teeth, dentures also require routine care to extend their life, function and beauty:

  • Rinse your dentures after eating
  • Gently clean your dentures each evening with a soft-bristled brush
  • Soaking in a denture cleansing solution, overnight, will leave your dentures cleaner and your mouth feeling fresh the next day

It Takes Time To Adjust To New Dentures

At first, speaking and eating may feel awkward, but with practice you’ll adjust to your dentures so they feel natural to you.  Before you know it, you’ll be laughing, talking, eating and drinking with ease.  Most especially, you’ll enjoy a confident smile, free from the discomfort and embarrassment you might have experienced before dentures.

Are Dentures Right For You?

Are your missing or damaged teeth affecting the function and aesthetics of your smile? Then dentures may be exactly what you need. Dentures are a wonderful option for people just like you, with several types of prosthesis available. Only your dentist knows your mouth and your unique dental needs best.  Schedule a consultation to get started on your complete smile restoration.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dentures

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Over 30 million Americans have dentures and the number is expected to continue to climb.  Especially among older Americans who are missing all or most of their teeth, dentures are the most popular tooth replacement option.  If you are considering dentures, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages before you make a decision.

Dentures are a removable prosthetic device that replaces your missing teeth. Dentures rely on suction and a tight fit around your gums to stay in place.  A well made, properly fitting set of dentures can provide you with an attractive smile and for most patients, are a vast improvement over a mouth full of decayed, damaged, and missing teeth.

Dentures can provide fast relief from years of tooth pain and discomfort, difficulty eating, and being self conscious about your smile.  You will be able to smile with confidence and with some practice, you should be able to eat a normal diet.  In addition, gum disease and tooth decay has been linked to overall health problems.  For many patients, the best option for resolving chronic oral health issues is by replacing their remaining natural teeth with dentures.

Dentures are durable and can last five to ten years or longer with good care.  However, due to natural changes in the person’s gums, new dentures are usually needed by this time to help ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

One of the primary drawbacks to dentures is that they can slip or become loose.  This can make eating a speaking a challenge.  It takes a few weeks to learn to chew properly with dentures and some patients have a hard time learning.  Even in the best cases, denture wearers cannot cannot bite down with anywhere near the pressure of natural teeth.

In addition, the fit of the denture changes over time due to changes in the patients jawbone and gums.  These changes affect the fit of the denture and require adjustment by a dentist.  Some patients also find dentures to be uncomfortable and to cause problems with their gums.  Finally, dentures do not stimulate bone growth and denture wearers will experience bone loss in their jaw that can affect their appearance.

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