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Why DIY Braces Are Dangerous

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What’s the appeal of at-home or DIY braces?

For some people, it’s about saving money. For others, it just looks like a cool trick to try. Kids are especially vulnerable since they may get curious about the idea when they encounter it on their favorite vlog or social network.

Why not give the gap band trick a try? What could it hurt?

It could hurt your teeth themselves, for one thing.

Here’s why you should pass on DIY braces in favor of visiting an orthodontist in person.

You could kill your teeth.

Homemade bands and wires can damage tooth roots and gums. If not the teeth you want to straighten, other neighboring teeth can be permanently damaged.

You would have no idea what’s going on below the gums.

Do you know exactly how far and fast your teeth can safely move?

Orthodontics is a science of precision and requires dental x-rays to diagnose and plan treatment.

What’s more, you could have a serious condition causing teeth to go out of line. Without a professional exam, you may never know the actual cause.

You’d lack the expert advice and real-live support of dental professionals.

Even those send-away kits don’t quite fill the need. The only guaranteed safe way to realign your teeth is with the help of an experienced professional’s one-on-one supervision.

You can wind up spending more money on repairs than it costs to get regular braces.

Dental implant versus braces . . . bridge versus retainer . . . gum surgery versus orthodontic adjustment . . . you do the math and decide what your smile is worth.

So save your teeth and save your money. Talk with your dentist about safe and cost-effect braces options.

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