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Putting Off That Dental Implant? 5 Reasons to Finally Take the Leap

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Are you delaying the inevitable? Here are 5 reasons to get your implant sooner rather than later.

  1. Dental Implants Have a High Success Rate

The dental implant procedure is one of the most predictably successful ones in dentistry. It has long-lasting results and can give you a replacement tooth that’s easy to maintain. Implant complications are extremely rare so there is virtually nothing to worry about.

  1. Implants Are Easier While Young and Healthy

Placing a dental implant is risky only when there are other serious health conditions. Anything that could slow down healing, worsen bleeding, or affect bone growth may increase the risk of your implant failing. Have the procedure while you’re healthy and able to heal quickly.

  1. You Have Several Options for Affording an Implant

Does the implant price tag put you off? You probably don’t have to pay all of that at once. If your insurance won’t cover all of the cost, then your dental office can help you out. You can likely afford an implant with the convenience of financing through a payment plan or CareCredit.

  1. The Sooner You Get an Implant, The Better It Looks

The longer you leave a gap in your smile, the more the bone will collapse and leave a visible crater in your mouth’s contour. Implants prevent bone loss so if you get one now, you can prevent getting a sunken facial profile.

  1. There Will Always Be Another Excuse!

There will always be more excuses tomorrow, next month, and three years from now. No matter how long you put it off, getting an implant will only happen if you make it happen!

Why wait any longer? Contact an implant dentist in your area to schedule a consultation.

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How to Afford a Dental Implant

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t’s no secret that dental implants are an investment. But you can still manage to afford one of these high-quality restorations with one or more of the following methods.

Split the Cost

Do you need an implant for every missing tooth? Ask your dentist if you can cut the cost in half by using two implants to support a bridge or denture.

Spread it Out

If getting an implant is important to you, then you’ll find ways to stick to a budget and tuck something away each week. The dental implant takes several months from start to finish, with different phases and fees during the process. You may need to make a down payment initially, but you’ll still have some time left to save up for the rest.

Health Insurance

Implants serve a functional purpose, preserving jaw bone and helping you eat a nutritious diet. It’s usually the best option for your health overall, so there’s a possibility your health or dental insurance plan will cover some of the cost, as with other types of restorative procedures and oral surgery.

Financing Plan

Your dentist or implant specialist may have a plan that allows you to pay off your implant procedure that easily fits your monthly budget.

Shop Outside Your Hometown

Dental implant prices factor in the costs to keep the dental office running. These overhead expenses depend on the practice’s geographic location. An office situated in an expensive urban setting will have to charge more for their implants. To pay less, you might consider visiting an implant practice located in a quieter town with a lower cost of living.

Ask your dentist about other ways to get an affordable dental implant.

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Can You Get Cheaper Dental Implants Abroad?

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Medical and dental tourism have taken off in recent years as the standard of care in other countries comes to rival that of more developed lands.

Dental tourism may seem like the only solution for those whose insurance won’t cover certain treatment. For some, it’s the only alternative if they don’t have insurance coverage, at all.

Getting a dental implant in another country has resulted in savings for a lot of patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. But this doesn’t mean that seeking treatment abroad is right for you.

Before you can make that decision, you have to carefully weigh the risks involved.

Do you really know what standards a foreign dental office functions by? If you’re not familiar with all the sterilization and antiseptic precautions used here at home, then you may not realize how much you’re at risk in a place with lower standards.

Is there any way to stay in contact with the doctor performing your procedure in case something goes wrong? You might not exactly be able to sue a dentist for malpractice in certain areas. Before agreeing to anything, you have to be sure that your health and satisfaction can be guaranteed or compensated in some way.

Getting dental implants abroad may be a fraction of the price they are here, but you have to add in other expenses:

  • Passport and visa
  • Transportation
  • Food and lodging
  • Follow up care or re-treatment

In the end, you may realize it’s a whole world safer and more cost-effective to get dental implants locally! Talk with your dentist here for more information.

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What’s It Like to Have a Dental Implant?

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Here’s all you want to know about having a dental implant, in a nutshell.

The Procedure

Getting an implant usually takes less than an hour. You won’t feel a thing when the dentist places the metal screw. You’ll get a temporary prosthesis to fill in the gap, and once the area is healed, the permanent crown is placed.

The Feel

You won’t feel the metal part since it’s covered by gums. The implant crown is designed to feel just like a natural tooth and that’s exactly what your tongue will notice.

The Lifestyle

A removable tooth replacement requires special cleaning every day. It’s not recommended to sleep with a dental prosthesis in your mouth, so taking it out in the evening could be inconvenient in some social situations. You may even have trouble chewing your favorite foods.

But with a dental implant? Say goodbye to all those worries and insecurities. An implant could free up your life and give you a confidence you wouldn’t believe.

The Maintenance

Dental implants are designed to last your entire life, so there’s no need to expect that it’ll need replacement. Once you get an implant, there’s not a whole lot to it – as long as you keep it clean. This is done through daily brushing and flossing, taking care to clean well around your implant.

For most patients, an implant is the preferred alternative to a chancy root canal, removable partial, or fixed bridge. To find out whether dental implants are right for your smile, plan a consultation with your local dentist.

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Dental Implants on a Budget

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Because dental implants have set the new standard for tooth replacement, dentists do their best to make them available to everyone. However, some people may find that the investment is a bit more expensive than they think it’s worth.

Here are some ways to make sure that your implant is as affordable as possible:

Check with Your Insurance

Make sure that the treatment estimate you get is based on what insurance benefits are available to you. It’s also ideal to go to an office that is in-network with your provider. Some insurances are improving in their coverage since they realize that implants are no longer just a cosmetic treatment.

If your dental insurance won’t pick up anything on an implant procedure, check with your medical insurance. Dental implant therapy could be essential to helping you chew properly, making it a medical need that might be covered.

Shop Til You Drop

Dentists aren’t the only ones who offer dental implants. Research periodontists, implant centers, and oral surgeons in your area who also provide therapy. This will give you more prices to compare.

You might score a better deal if you find a dentist who can provide all the care you need from start to finish. This means preparing the treatment site, placing the implant, as well as restoring it. It may be more affordable to have this all done at one office.

Ask Your Dentist About Savings Options

When you find a treatment plan you like, ask the office about any financing, deals, or payment plans they have to make things easier on you. Then, do your part by making your dental implants a priority.

Schedule an implant consultation with your dentist to learn more.

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Dental Implants and Your Insurance

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The biggest question most people face when considering dental implant therapy: “Will the implants be covered by my insurance?”

Maybe yes, maybe no. Some dental insurance companies cover a portion of the implant treatment or restoration (such as the crown,) while others do not. Fortunately, the cost of implants has come down over the years, and more insurance plans are covering them than before.

But what if yours doesn’t? Don’t give up in your pursuit of your dream smile just yet!

Why Do You Need Implants?

It’s important to take a minute to consider just how a dental implant procedure could change your life. Why do you believe that an implant is the best option for you? Are you willing to settle for a cheaper but temporary replacement?

Considering these questions will help you decide whether dental implants are worth having despite the fact that your insurance provider may not cover them.

Seriously reviewing the matter this way will prepare you for the next step. Especially when it comes to long-term costs.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask!

As dental implant technology is becoming more widely recognized as the standard of tooth replacement, insurance policies are routinely changing. You’ll never know about your coverage for sure until you ask!

Ask About Payment Plans

As a last resort, many dental offices have made reasonable payment plan provisions to their patients. These plans give patients the security of paying within the practice at a time and rate that’s convenient for them. As you look for an implant provider, ask about the payment options they provide.

Dental implants have change the lives for thousands of patients and you could soon be one of them! Contact your dentist for more information on the implant therapy offered in your area.

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