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5 Ways You Can Afford a Full Mouth Restoration

You may need to completely rebuild your smile if:

  • It’s been damaged by cancer or trauma
  • Your teeth are worn down from teeth grinding
  • You are missing multiple teeth

But how can you afford all the treatment needed to restore the function, comfort, and beauty of your smile? There are at least five possible ways you can do so.

Contact Your Insurance Providers

Reach out to both your dental and medical insurance providers. You might be surprised to learn that some procedures not covered by dental insurance may be covered by your medical insurer.

Once you know what you’re covered for, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be expected to pay out of your own pocket.

Ask About Dental Financing Plans

Need a little financing help? Your local dental office can explain options like CareCredit or a convenient in-house payment plan.

Consider Treatment Alternatives

Your dentist can recommend cheaper treatment alternatives that will help your teeth function until you can afford the better procedures.

For example, you might wear a partial denture while you wait a year to save up for dental implants.

Budget to Boost Your Savings

Passing on a few luxuries for now so that you can put the money towards fixing your teeth is a worthwhile sacrifice. Sticking to a budget will help you save up faster.

Pick Up Extra Small Jobs

You might try your hand at online freelancing or offer to babysit your neighbor’s kids in order to earn a little cash to put towards your major smile restoration project.

Visit a dentist near you to find out what kind of treatment you need to restore your smile and easy ways to afford it.

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