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The Real Cost of Dentures

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Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just get dentures and be done with expensive dental work for good?

Before you make any drastic decisions, make sure you know exactly what dentures will cost you when it’s all said and done.

How Much Dentures Cost

A good quality denture that looks natural and feels comfortable can cost around an average of $2,000, depending on where you live. That’s just for one plate. You may pay twice that amount to wear both an upper and lower denture.

Having dental insurance or a financing plan can make dentures more affordable. Even so, you might suffer a bit of sticker shock when you find out how much a new denture could cost up front.

Other Costs Associated with Dentures

In addition to the denture itself, you’ll also need to pay for various diagnostics, temporary prosthetics, and all services related to extracting any remaining teeth. These can then add up to the overall cost of your denture planning.

Extracting all of your teeth in favor of getting dentures might not be the cheapest option, after all.

Lifetime Denture Maintenance

Having dentures doesn’t free you from your daily oral care routine. If anything, you may have to spend more time each day on cleaning your denture than you now do on brushing and flossing. Good denture care is essential to preventing infections and bad breath.

Dentures also negatively impact the way you taste and chew foods, and the way you speak.

Are you ready to make all of these sacrifices when your natural teeth could be preserved after all?

Dentures may be the best solution for some people but that doesn’t make them an immediate go-to for someone with dental problems. Ask your dentist about the healthiest and most cost-effective treatment options available for you.

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Why Cheap Dentures Are a Huge Waste of Money

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Dentures can certainly be pricey. In an effort to save money, you might want to pay for the cheapest set you can find.

But as long as it’s within your budget to do so, you should seriously consider doing the opposite: paying for the best ones you can afford.

Here’s why…

You Get What You Pay For

A cheap denture costs less because it’s made from cheaper materials and/or isn’t customized as well to fit your mouth. As a result, it’s apt to give out far sooner than you’d think. You’ll then spend a lot of time and money on repairing your denture time and again.

Cheap materials also mean that your denture may be more prone to hosting infectious pathogens like bacteria and fungus. Microscopic cracks in the cheap acrylic could lead to bad breath, sore gums, and frequent bouts of thrush.

Quality Materials, Quality Life

Paying more for a nicer denture means investing in a better quality of living. The teeth on your denture will look more natural, the acrylic won’t fracture quite so easily, and it’ll be easier to get that perfect fit. A quality denture also means a better diet since you’ll have an easier time of chewing your food.

Affordable Dentures That Last

Don’t settle for buying the cheapest dentures possible. Rather, you want a set that will last you the longest and help you keep your gums and remaining teeth healthy.

Talk with your dentist or prosthodontist about creating the right kind of denture that meets your needs without emptying your bank account. The dental office may also have suggestions on convenient payment plans to help you comfortably afford your denture.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get and Maintain a Denture?

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Just like making any other major purchase, you want to fully understand all the costs associated with dentures before you plan on getting them.

What You Might Pay for a Denture

The tricky part with estimating denture costs is that they vary widely. You could pay anywhere from $300 to nearly $5,000 per upper or lower denture. However, typically the average cost for dentures is somewhere $1,000 – $3,000 per plate (before insurance kicks in.)

Denture costs depend on where the denture is made, what it’s made from, the experience of the dentist, the cost of living in your area, and the technique used to make it.

Immediate dentures, for example, are usually more expensive than traditional ones.

Additionally, you’ll have to ask your dentist what other procedures are included in the quoted price. Does the cost cover just the denture, or does it also include extractions and such that go along with it?

Cost of Maintaining a Denture

Keep in mind that replacing a denture you’ve lost or broken is essentially the same as buying a new one. It worthwhile to keep your current denture in good shape.

A denture reline is a procedure that adjusts your denture to comfortably fit the current shape of your gums and jawbone. You’ll probably need a reline or two within the first few months of getting a denture. After that, your denture may need adjustment every two to five years.

Denture relines can cost around $300 – $400. Add to this the cost of denture cleaning supplies. Soaking solutions, denture brushes, storage cases, and possibly even an adhesive may add up to regular monthly expenses.

Getting a denture is an investment. But it’s not your only option. Talk with your dentist for more information on denture costs and alternatives.

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Should You Buy a Denture Online?

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Buying a denture online may sound like a convenient option. You can purchase so many useful things on the web and, often times, at bargain prices.

There are a few good reasons, however, to fight the temptation to buy your next dental prosthesis from a random website.

You Can’t Trust the Materials

Do you know exactly what an online denture will be made from? Cheap as it is, you can expect that the materials won’t last very long. You’ll likely suffer from sore gums and possibly even a reaction to materials that shouldn’t be used in dentures or other oral appliances.

You Can’t Trust the Fit

Some online dentures are of the boil-and-bite variety. Others have you take an impression at home and send it in for “dentists” on the company’s end to use as a model.

But without the trained eye of a professional denture maker assessing your mouth’s every curve, you won’t get the right fit or a chance to have it adjusted.

You Can’t Trust the Manufacturer

What happens if your denture hurts you or breaks? Can you trust some unknown company to give you a refund or address your concerns? When you have a dentist make your denture, you can check in often for adjustments until the appliance fits to your satisfaction. The dentist will make sure you’re happy!

The best denture is one made in-person. If you visit an actual dentist to get fitted for a denture, you’re guaranteed to get something that looks and feels right. The dental office may even offer you a flexible payment option to help with the cost.

Ask a dentist near you about how you can afford a quality denture.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get Dentures?

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For some folks, dentures are a costly investment.

If you are deciding whether or not to get false teeth, you’re understandably worried about the investment.

Take a minute to consider what dentures actually cost and then decide for yourself – are they really worth it to you?

What Factors In?

Dentures never come at a one-price-fits-all deal. They can range in cost from a few hundred dollars to nearly $8,000. The price varies depending on how detailed your dentures are, what they’re made from, where you get them from, and how much your insurance covers.

Besides the dentures themselves, you’re looking at expenses for:

  • Evaluations and x-rays
  • Manufacturing fees
  • Adjustments and relines
  • Surgery or extractions (if needed)

Clearly, it gets a little tricky to estimate the cost of dentures!

If you still have plenty of fully functioning teeth left, don’t be in a hurry to get them pulled. You could save a lot more money by just taking care of the teeth you have rather than exchanging them for dentures.

On the other hand, just deciding to go ahead with dentures could be the wiser route. That’s only if you would be throwing away cash to repair teeth with no hope of staying intact for long.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Bear in mind that the “cost” of dentures involves more than just the price tag.

Before making a decision, you’ll need to think about what you may sacrifice by getting (or not getting) dentures. Carefully weigh your priorities and get some help in determining the right choice for you.

Contact your dentist to get a full dental check-up as well as a treatment cost estimate for dentures or other options like implants.

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Lessons on Oral Hygiene from George Washington’s Denture

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We’ve all heard about Washington’s wooden dentures. But what most people don’t know is that they weren’t actually made of wood.

George Washington wore many dentures throughout the course of his life, none of which were made from the porcelain and acrylic we have today. Washington’s dentures were primarily made from hippopotamus ivory, lead, gold plate, and teeth from cows, horses, and possibly some of his own slaves.

Like George Washington, you may not be thrilled at the prospect of losing teeth. But happily, we have much more comfortable and attractive denture options available today.

Take Care Of Your Denture!

One of George Washington’s dentists had to reprimand him on how much port wine he consumed – he was evidently drinking enough to be staining his dentures.

If you have a denture, you certainly expect it to serve you well while you eat. Just remember to clean it daily, scrubbing and soaking it to avoid stain and bacteria accumulation.

Make Your Natural Teeth Last

Washington had his last natural tooth pulled at 60 years of age (mind you, that was without any anesthetic!). Most folks today can expect to keep more teeth than that when they turn 60, thanks to improvements in dentistry. Emphasis on fluoride and preventative care have also made a big difference in the life expectancy of a person’s smile.

You have to do your part to make your teeth last as long as possible. Daily brushing and flossing are essential, even if you don’t have many teeth left. Get more tips from your dentist on how to save your natural teeth.

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How to Get Affordable Dentures

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After hearing you need dentures, it can be hard to know where you should start.

Don’t just settle for the cheapest price you see advertised on the Internet. Before making a decision, make sure you understand how to get the best value for your budget. In many cases, there are hidden costs involved that you might not know about.

When Cheaper Is Not Better

Be wary of deals that sound “too good to be true.”

They probably are.

Dentistry is not cheap, so a shockingly low price indicates a lack of quality materials.

What’s more, that price tag may seem reasonable, but don’t forget about the other expenses associated with getting a denture:

  • Diagnostic fees
  • Lab fees
  • Adjustments
  • Repairs
  • Tooth extraction
  • Relines

Benefits Of A Quality Denture

Starting at about $800, you have a wide variety of denture options that can help you strike a balance between quality and cost.

A quality denture can give you:

  • A durable smile
  • Security and comfort
  • Natural-looking teeth
  • Free maintenance appointments
  • An included warranty

Shop Around

You’ll find the best deal on dentures just by taking your time to look around.

Visit your dentist to learn what kind of tooth replacement appliance you need. Once you know what to look for, it’s easier to get an idea of the price. You may consider visiting a denture provider in another area because the economy allows for lower prices there.

Financial Help For Dentures

Look into government financial aid programs to see if you qualify. Additionally, most dental offices offer CareCredit or in-office financing to make the treatment you need more accessible. Ask your dentist about these options.

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How to Get the Best Deal on Dentures

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Not all “fake” teeth are one and the same. Like other dental procedure, dentures vary in price and quality.

Everyone wants a good deal. How can you find cheap or affordable dentures of good quality?

Who Will You See?

Where you start your search will affect the final cost. A prosthodontist is an expert who specializes in dentures. Many general dentists offer dentures of a good quality at a lower rate.

Whoever you visit make sure you ask questions about the breakdown of cost, what materials are used, and whether full or partial dentures are right for you. It’s okay to shop around and get different opinions!

Get Them Made Right The First Time

Basically, you get what you pay for. Going cheaper usually means sacrificing quality in terms of the materials used.

A higher price tag includes important features like a warranty for years (in the event of an accident) and a number of complimentary visits for fine-tuning. It might sound higher-end in the short-term, but it could really pay off down the road!

How Will You Pay?

Before agreeing to a quoted price, make sure you check with your insurance for any denture benefits.

Contact your local community health centers, Medicaid, and your local health department to find out what benefits are available in area. It’s much better to gather all your resources this way than to settle for a low-quality arrangement that could only cause you problems down the road.

Get the Most Out of Your Denture

The best way to get every penny out of your denture is to take care of it and make sure it continues to fit properly. Worn, damaged dentures can do you more harm than good. Contact your local dentist for more tips on denture shopping.

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